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    That game should not have gone into OT!

    So our 3rd quarter woes, have now transitioned to 4th quarter woes.
    What a horrible showing in the 4th, I didn't understand the rotations Triano was keeping in there. I know Phili was playing small, and Triano wanted to stay with his bigs, but seriously feed the hot hand?!?!

    I'm not sure but I think Sonny Weems played less then 1 minute in the 4th, he was 18 and 5 in the game in the first 3 quarters. "His veins are filled with Ice Water." - Coach Jack
    His FG% for that short range jumper is unreal. he is the consistancy we needed all season. Fine he's 65% from the line but keep him in the 4th i think you need to keep this guy rolling.

    Bosh finished up with a quiet 28 and 11. After Iggy stole the ball off of him on that one double team Bosh looked absolutely terrified to take it into the paint, unless it was one on one. He needs to grow some Cahones and get deep in the paint. While NOT TURNING OVER the ball, as soon as that second defender comes in he needs to have more confidence and strength and better decision making.

    The turnovers Toronto committed today made me feel disgusted. With the way we played today, if we make it to the post season, we're going to get swept. I just hope they can get their act together because the next stretch of games is going to be a tough one.

    p.s. So what do you guys think about this Joey Graham, i mean Joey Dorsey signing? sounds like a second Reggie Evans? this is going to mess up the rotations even more. here's a funny article about him wanting to play in the NFL.

    Raptors fan since day 1.

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    Maybe BC signed Joey Dorsey to rough-up Bosh and get him used to some contact. The way he took it into the post today would suggest it's not a common thing he sees in practice, looked really scared to get in there from what I saw. But wait, isn't that what Reggie is for?


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      triano needs to be fired !
      seems needed to be on the court in the 4 th
      bosh needs to drives with some kind of passion to the basket , he's afraid of contact
      they need to exploit bargs on a small instantly not after 13 minutes of it


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        i would have liked to see the Raps play some small ball to keep up with and contain their smaller guards.

        A lineup of
        C Bosh/Bargnani
        PF Turk
        SF Wright
        SG Weems
        PG Calderon/Jack