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Raptors Sign Former Memphis Tiger Joey Dorsey

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  • Raptors Sign Former Memphis Tiger Joey Dorsey

    Other than being built like a brick shit house, I don't know much about this kid.

    Don't like the mention of an attitude problem though.

    Woj over at Yahoo reports via Twitter the Toronto Raptors plan to sign former King and Rocket Joey Dorsey this afternoon, after the Kings released Dorsey due to attitude problems.

    The former Memphis Tiger spent a year and a half in the D-League developing in the Rockets' system, improving considerably, before being called up and then dished to Sacramento in the Kevin Martin deal. He has a great frame and is a tenacious rebounder, both qualities Toronto covets and needs, even though Dorsey is unlikely to see much, if any, time.

    The Raptors have the worst defense among playoff teams and are within range of the worst defense in playoff history (by advanced metrics).So they could use a guy like Dorsey, if he gets time. He and Amir Johnson could be a devastating one-two brutal punch, and an interesting counter to Andrea Bargnani's "soft" play.

    The Rockets were apparently also interested in Dorsey, but he elected to sign with Toronto, probably because the Rockets would want to bring him along slowly, and Dorsey feels he's ready now.
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    Dont know if he had an "attitude" problem when he was with Houston before the trade. ANd we dont know what happened when he got to the Kings (eg. playing time and/or not going to the playoffs). Nocioni eg. has had problems with Westphal and I'd certainly like to have Nocioni. Taking a flyer on Dorsey is not a big deal imo... especially if the Rockets thought enough of him to want him back. I believe I read somewhere that he also plays "taller" than his height.


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      I think this is a great idea. Team chemistry is shot now anyway so the attitude thing isn't much of a worry. Let's see how he performs down the line.


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        Raps certainly like to take chances and hope that "nobody" becomes "somebody." Seems like there's been no shortage of players over the past few years who have come in to T.O. based on potential, rather than, you know, proven abilities.

        You have to feel (hope) that, after a while, some of those failed experiments will start to pay off. Law of averages?? I actually like that philosophy, so long as that doesn't become your go-to development strategy. Looks like this guy could go toe-to-toe with a tank, so here's hoping he develops some game.


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          Say hello to Lonny Baxter 2.0!


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            Is this guy even going to get playing time?
            Don't hate me because I'm an optimist.


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              ScottBaird wrote: View Post
              Is this guy even going to get playing time?
              maybe the last 2-3 games of the season depending on whether we have a playoff spot clinched.


              we're out indefinitely.

              here's hopin for the first.
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