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Colangelo Almost Waived Weems

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  • Colangelo Almost Waived Weems

    Phew ... what a relief. I don't know about the rest of you, but this kid is definitely one of the recent "diamonds in the rough" and I love his potential. Praying that he only continues to grow and improve. Although this season for the most part as been a disappointment on so many levels, Weems continues to impress and surprise me each week.

    Courtesy of Ku-Ball from the RealGM:

    BC: "I almost waived him (Weems) because his contract was only partially guaranteed. (Rogers BC txt msg during the game segment)

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    I have to admit, at the beginning of the year, I didn't even know if he'd be in the rotation. That mid-range jumpshot of his is looking nice. He's surprised me too; definitely one of the bright spots of this season.

    Thank heavens he didn't get waived.


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      The first time I saw him shoot (literally, the very first time), I thought that this guy had a chance. The mid-range game is a lost art in the NBA and he's got it, now it's about refining his decision-making and developing some actual moves with finishes at the end of them. That's the hard part.


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        It would have been really unfortunate if Colangelo would have waived Weems all while still keeping POB on payroll.


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          He's got potential
          he's athletic
          trys hard on D
          and like Arse said he has a midrange game