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Did we make the wrong choice for 15th man?

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    Puffer wrote: View Post
    Steamer has averaged just over 15 minutes a game over the previous three seasons, including 18/game last season. Are the Raps not using him enough? Would resting Amir have helped them or hurt them, with Steamer playing more minutes?

    Casey doesn't seem to be very good at managing player minutes. Stiemsma wouldn't have won the Raps any more games probably. But would resting Amir have won more? I realize this is all Monday morning quarterbacking, but I don't think Amir's minutes have been optimum, when you have Stiemsma available.
    Casey doesn't play anyone enough when it comes to bigs. Hayes and Steamer should get more time on the floor... Steamer can rebound and play in the post. People don't see that in him though because of his fouling nature. Also lets Amir and Pat rest up.
    Axel wrote:
    Now Cody can stop posting about this guy and we have a poster to blame if anything goes wrong!!
    KeonClark wrote:
    We won't hear back from him. He dissapears into thin air and reappears when you least expect it. Ten is an enigma. Ten is a legend. Ten for the motherfucking win.
    KeonClark wrote:
    I can't wait until the playoffs start.

    Until then, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they most often stink


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      rightsideup wrote: View Post
      Should would we have kept Jordan Hamilton he seemed solid. I know hindsight is 20/20 but Greg Steamer rarely plays despite Amir's health.
      On August 18, 2014, Hamilton signed with the Toronto Raptors.[7] However, he was later waived by the Raptors on October 25, 2014.[8] Two days later, he was claimed off waivers by the Utah Jazz.[9] On November 6, 2014, he was waived by the Jazz before appearing in a game for them.[10] On November 26, 2014, he was acquired by the Iowa Energy of the NBA Development League.[11] On December 10, 2014, Hamilton was traded, along with a 2015 second-round pick, to the Reno Bighorns in exchange for a 2015 first-round pick.[12]
      If the Jazz chose to waive him then perhaps the Raptors made the right decision. Steimsma doesn't get playing time because of Hansbrough which I don't understand.


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        ceez wrote: View Post
        who cares about the 15th man what they should be doing is looking for an upgrade over psycho t who is absolutely awful at everything
        Not going to happen. Apparently, the coaching staff would prefer him over the two 7-footers who are warming the bench. Nerlens Noel, who is a rookie, had his way with our undersized frontcourt.


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          c_bcm wrote: View Post
          Like in a fart in the wind, he had his moment and will soon disappear. Have you heard of Sundiata Gaines?
          That's a terrible comparison. Gaines hit a game winner for the Jazz and that's it. Through 8 games Whiteside has 26 blocks and if you watch him play, you can tell this guy knows how to make his presence felt; he plays big. Not saying that I would have Whiteside over JV, but it wouldn't be bad especially on the defensive end where we let fools walk into the paint not giving a fuck