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    The Raptors were 4 -21 and then Masai had enough. Then RGT happened the "Rudy Gay Trade". The Raptors suddenly had chemistry pride and upside. We were in some circles the talk of the NBA. One trade made such a positive impact on the team. It was the trade of our most popular player and our best player, and somehow the team became better. GMs around the league noticed this transformation. The Raptors summer moves consisted of mainly resigning all existing players. Then the start of the season was upon us, Raptors were back to winning ways. Raptors took a good step fwd all stemming from RGT. A couple months into the season and Detroit makes a similar RGT and Charlotte put Lance on the trade block. Two teams that were in the basement and made similar RGT moves. Their records made a complete transformation and they both became decent teams and both recently beat the Raptors. Now the shine on the Raptors seems to be off. Back down to earth the roster exposed for what they really were initially. Are Detroit and Charlotte going to follow ? Will their shine soon fade. Whatever move Masai makes now will be looked at carefully. Teams will look to copy his recipe for the new Trendsetting Raptors. Your Move Masai....

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    Drummond and Jennings and especially Van Gundy....they will own the East now...

    Charlotte is having a more favorable schedule, but Michael Jordan will screw things up....