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  • The best players play

    In football it doesn't matter if you were drafted in the first round or the seventh, "the best players play", why is this different for the raptors?

    Casey is a good coach but he has trouble reevaluating his approach.
    Ross does not deserve to start and if that causes MU to trade him then so be it.

    After reading the quotes casey said about getting ross and jv experience I think he needs to be saved from himself and MU needs to take control of the wheel on this subject. I am not a fan of GM stepping on coaches shoes but when the coach clearly is ignorant to the situation soneone has to take control

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    You people flip flop more than Mitt Romney lol. Make up your mind.

    When the season began, people here wanted to see more Ross and JV so they can get some experience 'develop' as a player. Casey is doing exactly that and now people are bitching about why Ross is getting so much playing time lol.
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      What's being tested is that not just Ross is playing bad, how is he dealing with it? I think he is actually looking at our forums and letting that shit get to his head. I mean for a young guy who knows the trends of the Internet, he gotta know that he needs to ignore it and just play the best he can. From what I am seeing, he's passive or letting things like us get to his head. Pffft that's not being mentally strong, at least Vasquez plays with reckless abandon to whatever he is limited at.


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        Consider this we drafted bruno and brought in James Johnson. Why would we do that? Too add competetion at that spot right. Well what's the point in developing him if we are already brought in people to replace him. Ross is a professional like anyone else if he is not playing at the right level have him come off the bench. If he is not productive in that role neither then trade him for something that adds a benefit to the organization.

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