Everyone once in a while, an article is worth its own thread. Not only is this one interesting. I think it shows a lot about how far the team has come. Two years ago there would have been screams of "these american writers just hate Canada" but now there is the confidence to look at this article and discuss the faults it describes.
I think he's on to something with the lack of perimeter protection. We made an impromptu switch to go with a two PG starting five with Demar injured but now we've stayed with it. Other teams with speedier guards (Suns) may be able to do it but GV and Lowry don't quite match that. The article also harps one something that has been troubling for a while, specifically the relative weakness of our starting 5. Depth gets you through a season but when it comes to the playoffs, some starting fives will play 40+ minutes a game. Depth can't fight that. Good read.