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The Hating on Hedo Thread

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  • The Hating on Hedo Thread

    I think this deserves its own thread, don't you? Somewhere to compile all the venom that is currently spread out thin among various corners of the RR universe?

    Feel free to post any thoughts, rants, reports of events about this overpaid, laziest and most disappointing player.

    It is not focussed on one particular event in time, but rather a series of events that started before the beginning of the season and still has not ended!

    This signing so far, has proven to be worse than the Jermaine O'Neal trade. Now that is saying something.
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    Just to get the ball rolling, so to speak:

    1) Can anyone honestly believe that instead of helping Bosh get off the ground he went and hugged Don Nelson?
    2) Can anyone honestly believe that instead of giving Jack Armstrong a reasonable interview, he said "Ball"?
    3) Can anyone honestly believe that while not going to practice because he was sick, he managed to go out to a club in Yorkville?
    4) Can anyone honestly believe that he still can't close-out on shooters in spite of the fact that he is 6"10?
    5) Can anyone honestly believe that he still can't turn the corner on a screen and attack the basket effectively?


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      Seriously, what the hell are we going to do with him this summer? Nobody is going to want that whale of a contract hanging around for 4 more years. BC needs to hire somebody to plant some guns in his locker already.


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        The only way I condone a S&T with Bosh is if Hedo is included in the team, but I don't think that will happen unfortunately.

        Can't remember where, but I heard something propose a Noah/Deng/Heinrich deal for Bosh/Turkoglu. If only that could happen


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          I don't think anyone's going to get suckered into taking Hedo. I bet we see him in Toronto (still) next season. Unfortunately.

          I know! Maybe that would sound better in a limerick:

          There once was a player named Hedo,
          Who played "ball" in the city of Toronto.
          His play was just atrocious
          and his contract was so bogus
          That the raptors sunk lower than low.

          Nope, still stings a bit.

          Don't hate me because I'm an optimist.


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            How Hedo is being used has to have some effect on his performance. In Florida he was a potential all-star so what happened? Arriving in the cold of Toronto he magically became too old and totally unmotivated? Dig a little deeper and find the real reason for his performance. Hedo Turkoglu doesn't "get" the Toronto Raptor system - it doesn't make sense to him and so he's convinced it won't work, especially for him. He just going through the motions until Jay figures out how to use him.


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              There once was a man from Turkey,
              who thinks he's a "ball" deity.
              His huge contract sucks,
              And now we're all fucked.
              Raptor fans cry "Woe is me."



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                Huge bucks! = Lazy = unmotivated = i don't care altitude


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                  Avatar: Riverboat Coffee House 134 Yorkville Ave. billboard of upcoming entertainers - Circa 1960s

                  Memories some so sweet, indeed

                  Larger Photo of the avatar

                  Quote from well known personality who led their high school team to a state championship.


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                    I actually think we can move him this summer, I think a lot of people believe this season is an aberration and that he's still a good piece on a winning team. I'm just not sure if we can move him for EC or if we have to take on a bigger contract in the process.

                    Relevant story. Just before the season stared me and my buddy were stopped right around the ACC and Hedo jumps in front our jeep as we were about to pull out. We had to stop short and I quickly chastised my buddy for almost hitting Hedo, ruining the raptor season and drawing ire from raptor fans everywhere. Funny how things work out.


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                      Guys, do we really need a "Hedo hating thread"? I mean really. There is a difference between criticism and "hate". Hate is typically based on ignorance and prejudice. I believe that this place houses some of the brightest basketball fans around and I also believe that they're not prejudice against other races, culture, religions etc. I can't think of a Hedo Turkoglu thread off hand that didn't have a real factual source to the negativity generated within. I don't hate Hedo but I damn well know his lazy play, his lack of team concern and his lack of professionalism accompanied by the large chunk of salary cap he takes up, the very felxibility he takes up, leads me to criticize him constantly. I believe that is fair only until he does something to change this negative reality he created for himself in Toronto.

                      When you say "hate" think genocides of millions, countless wars and embarrassing moments in almost every people on the face of the earth. Let's get our terminology correct.
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                        actually, if you compare hedo's stats this year with last year's when he was still with orlando, the numbers are not that much off. he was a 16-4-4 guy last year, and this year he's about 13-4-4, and that would be understandable since bosh is an off-the-ball scorer and howard wasnt, so hedo got more touches while howard took care of the garbage.

                        what seems to be missing though is his lack of passion for the game, his basketball iq seems to have vanished and team spirit had gone to the dumps. i think its more because his teammates this year are somewhat divided, weems derozan and jack are hanging out, marco, jose and bargs are doin it euro style and bosh just wants go home and update his blogs.

                        heres some stuff to further increase your ire against our beloved $53million dollar man.


                        yes, he blocked kobe.
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                          I'm seeing 12-4-4 and last year's numbers at 17-5-5. The year prior to that one he was at 19-6-5.


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                            You don't need to go one year back to see how valuable his impact is when he is facilitating and sitting on number one (driver) seat even if this team doesn't fit his set. When Banks-Hedo couple was operating while Caldys' injury period this guy was about to find his rhythm, his shape and was making his contributions that deserve his contract. His team mates was about to respect his skills and believe in him. Fucking rookie coach turned his switch off and act like its the biggest complex equation to be solved when calderon turned back. He's continuously played with the team like its his toy. Additionally your paparazzi media somehow managed to drag the complexity to another level. And finally your brilliant NBA fan base -which is full of identical parrots that should've dealt with only Hockey- helped him with booes now you re expecting him to show himself in playoffs. LOL. Bullchit

                            I bet when he leave here this summer Minister of Economy of Canada will announce end of Global Recession to the world.


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                              Guys, it doesn't matter if he has the ball in his hands for the entire game, he's still not putting forth effort on one side of the court, let alone both.