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Doug Smith Undergoing a Heart Procedure

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  • Doug Smith Undergoing a Heart Procedure

    Albeit I'm not a huge fan of his work, he's still a highly regarded contributor to our beloved Raptors. I wish him a speedy recovery.

    Doug Smith wrote:
    Okay, folks, the newsy part of today.

    This is going to be the last transmission from this little corner of the interweb for a little while.
    Seems the ticker is in need of some work and I’ll be getting a little valve tuneup or replacement done and a couple of tiny bypasses taken care of Thursday out here in Hazelville.

    (Yeah, a guy will go to great lengths to avoid the all-star weekend and the rumour-filled runup to the trade deadline)

    It’s not exactly appendix removal but I’m told it’s quite on the routine side of heart processes and things will be right as rain soon, whatever that means.

    “Doctor, will I be able to play the piano after this is done?”

    “Yes, Doug, you can.”

    “Great. I can’t play it now and always wanted to!”

    I weighed for a while how to do this, how much to let people know because it’s, well, it’s not something that’s ordinary. But you got me through Super Brother’s passing, we’ve shared stories and anecdotes and things, you’ve helped make watching years of Real Men’s Professional Basketball bearable and I knew that a sudden disappearance might raise some questions. Since we seem to know each other at least a little bit, figured this was the best way to go.

    And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the warm wishes and prayers and thoughts that a lot of you will offer; believe me, as much as you might get out of our little interaction here, I get as much, if not more.
    We’ve always compared this to our own little global cyber cocktail party, where you can make friends and acquaintances and flit from conversation to conversation at will. It’s fun, I like to think it’s unique and, in some weird ways, it’s just ours.

    But you all need to do me a favour, okay?

    Remember what we’ve always said here, that sports is just a little fun diversion from real life and should be enjoyed as such. They are games, entertainment; they are not the be all and end all of our existence.

    So sit back and watch and don’t get too worked up. Who really cares whether this guy plays a lot or that guy gets the ball a lot? We need to appreciate the athletic excellence we’re able to see, to get away from things for a few hours a week.

    Because every recovery is unique and it’s all uncharted waters, I can’t be sure when I’ll be back (we will be here later tonight for an IGBT, but I will be typing just as soon as I have the strength and desire to do it. I would think my good friend and leader The Mighty Quinn will let you know here that things went as swimmingly as I expect and then it’ll be a matter of loafing until I can’t loaf any more.

    See you soon.
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    Dr. James Naismith wrote: View Post
    Albeit I'm not a huge fan of his work, he's still a highly regarded contributor to our beloved Raptors. I wish him a speedy recovery.

    Source - Click here
    Thanks for posting that. I think he has lost a lot of fans since the Star went under a paywall (not his fault) but he was reporting with passion on this team before many others were. Wish him the best.


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      Well he's part of the Raptors family too!

      Hope everything goes well.


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        Used to read his stuff a lot.. and find him mildly entertaining. Hope things go well. He's watched and reported on a lot of bad basketball. Would be a shame to see him not be able to get a chance to see some success for once.


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          Raptors need to win a championship for him before anything happens to him. Like planetmars just said, the dudes been reporting on so much bad basketball for years.
          The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!


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            Good luck to Doug, and warm wishes.


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              Get well soon....and have a lube while you are at it.

              Enuff with those corny jokes already!


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                I used to read a lot of Smith years ago, when the coverage by any other of the papers was pretty poor. At one time he was one of the top two, no more than top three reporters covering the Raps. He has seen a lot of basketball and understands the game quite well.

                Best of luck Doug. Speedy recovery.


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                  Before I became a Raptor Republican, I relied on Doug Smith's stuff. Wish him a speedy and successful procedure.


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                    I've always appreciated Doug's lighthearted approach to reporting about this team. He's insightful, and plugged in to the very best in sports reporting. Looking forward to his columns for many years to come. Speedy recovery Doug.
                    Welp, that sucked.