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Who do you Got ? Raptors , Heat or Nuggets

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    golden wrote: View Post

    OG the "Jokic Stopper" feels more like Raptors myth than reality. Kind of like the "Raptors are elite at teaching shooting" mythology that so many around here believe (or used to).
    He's not a stopper but their head to head stats show OG always holds him below his season averages across the board. So he is able to somewhat hinder Jokic. They're still monster games from Jokic though because his season averages are insane.


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      Jclaw wrote: View Post
      Would that 2019 team have a healthy, Jokic-stopping, OG? Then yes.
      This is the key. 2019 raptors technically didn't have OG available. And he has been the best jokic defender I maybe have seen. Remember that game he had like 8 steals guarding him?

      I think what we are seeing from Jokic right now is better then kawhi was in 2019. Kawhi peaked in the Sixers series. By the time we reached the finals it was a full team effort not the kawhi show. I think we lose in 7 to this version of the nugs.
      To be the champs you got to beat the champs


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        slaw wrote: View Post
        2019 Philly, GSW and the Bucks were all better teams than the 2023 Heat. I would put the Nuggets on par with the Sixers team that the Raps beat in 7. That would be a close series.
        If that Philly's team gave the keys to Butler to lead them like we gave Kawhi they might have written a different story ..
        Simmons had a perfect team for him .. All he had to do is concentrate on defense cause they had a roster that didn't need him to score ..