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Did Kyle sacrifice some money to be the Raps Man cw Demar?

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  • Did Kyle sacrifice some money to be the Raps Man cw Demar?

    clearly lesser players signed for more. Was his taking 12m a timing thing as he signed early or his he hoping by taking less that the team will attract more talent?

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    Just a coup by Ujiri, plus the way the market is stacked with great PG's, and Kyle being willing to settle for a little less money for the chance to have "his team". If you remember the conversations around the negotiation, some experts even seemed to think Ujiri overpaid a little, which of course as the season came, was proved far from true. But still, Lowry's situation was: he loved what Toronto was doing with him, but the fact was he was known as an irregular, temperamental player until the Gay trade, already 28 so no benefit of growth, plus unfortunately he's in an era where great PGs are available to almost everyone. And while Ujiri says he always believed Kyle could be a star, you can bet he probably brought up the fact that that was Kyle's only really All-Star level season in his career and it could be a one-hit wonder, just to lower the price.


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      If I remember correctly there were just 2 realistic suitors for KL other than the Raptors of course....Houston who were at his door just after midnight and wanted him back and Miami. Houston wanted him but not bad enough it seems because they had eyes elsewhere in terms where their money was going to go first....Melo, Bosh & they were also dealing with the Parsons offer from Dallas. The money would have been about the same I think but he knew he wasnt the most wanted there. Miami I dont think had as much to offer as TO and a lesser team with 2 dogs ahead of him in Wade & Bosh.

      Looks like he is very happy here now and thats what matters. This is his team. He made the right decision.


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        I think the reason we got him for a bit cheaper than other teams is because we offered him a player option for the 4th year.


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          Time will tell if this is a good deal but I believe because KL is a team first player to spend 12M on the starting PG is not unreasonable. KL does need to be a little more selective in his shot selection in transition, but I think taking transition shots comes from his killer instinct to put your foot to your opponents throat when they are vulnerable.