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    OldSkoolCool wrote: View Post
    I don't share any of these concerns. Defensively, he is as big, as strong, and quicker than pretty much any PF in the league.

    Offensively he is useless >20 feet from the rim anyways, so why slot him as a wing player? Why not use him on the low block on switches/miss-matches. And since he is so quick with great hands, having him run a high PnR he will be able to destroy. Or you could just give him the ball at the high post and he could face-up and isolate from the FT line against slower PF's. Would lead to many dump off passes to JV, and kickout passes to the corner for Ross*

    *which he is still good at, we just never use him there)

    Thanks for rolling out the lineup I suggested a month ago...

    It also was extremely effective last week in the first half of a game....can't remember who it was against. But it was very good.
    One of the broadcasters (Leo?) claimed JJ has the best post up game on the Raps. I'd believe it - he has the size and strength for his position, quickness, and good footwork. That same good footwork lets him eurostep through multiple defenders and finish with a layup.

    One of the simplest short-term solutions for the current bad play is to involve the bigs in the offense more - go to JV and JJ more often and more consistently.
    "We're playing in a building." -- Kawhi Leonard


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      JV/Amir do a pretty good job defensively against other bigs.. The biggest deficiency in my opinion on defense is with the opposing guards/wings.. so if JJ is the best defender on the team, then I'd rather have him out there defending those guys.

      I'd rather have JJ in the starting unit over DD though. JJ/DD don't work very well together as neither spaces the floor well for the other. It would be okay if KL could shoot, but he's stinking up the joint. I'd rather have Lou with JJ and then bring DD up off the bench. Never going to happen, but that's how I would do it.


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        ^JJ reaches a lot when he plays guys on the perimeter. He gambles and it leads to penetration. I think he would be better over the course of the game against post players.

        Also the guards need to stop getting bailed out. Either defend, or sit. That is what the coach has to instill, we have Fields and Bruno who would love to get out there and will play hard defensively.