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What can the Raptors get for Lowry?

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    planetmars wrote: View Post
    He's an asset with great value - bargain contract for his skill set. So what do you get for him? Something in the range of $2-4M, basically a rookie contract. What team is willing to give up a rookie contract for a veteran on an expiring deal? If its a contender, then the value of the rookie contract coming back is less then what JJ brings.

    I really don't think JJ is going to be moved.. now if you you think Masai has to sweeten a pot to get rid of a bad contract I could understand the logic of moving him.. but the Raptors won't have a bad contract going into next season.. all of BC's mistakes will be removed from the payroll.
    Well his salary can easily be paired with another player, so not sure what problems you'd really have finding a deal.

    Lots of teams have rookie scale contracts that would be willing to move for a more ready, value guy like JJ.

    Sacramento immediately comes to mind both for fit (Karl would love JJ at the 4) and lots of recent high picks. Charlotte seems to want to compete and might be willing to part with, seldom played, Noah Vonleh; who could be our PF of the future (really high upside) next to JV. JJ and a future pick to LA for Randle? Depending on how the draft shakes out, they might end up with a PF prospect better than Randle and look for some immediate help to pair with Kobe and a UFA (Dragic is probably their #1 target this year).

    Point is, I think Masai is going to want to make more change than simply changing the coach. Assets need to be given up to receive assets. JJ and a future first could net us a serious lottery picked player from either of the last drafts.
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      peanutwoozle wrote: View Post
      maybe jonas should challenge him for leadership.


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        Is this thread really got to 4 pages?


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          Letter N wrote: View Post
          Here's something we can get if we trade Lowry, league wide distrust by any other even semi-premiere free-agent to ever sign with us.
          Letter N, you're absolutely correct. Teams like the Raptors, TWolves and Bucks can't pull shit like this. There are enough drawbacks playing in these places without treating FA's as simple commodities,

          No financial advisor would suggest their client sign with the Raptors, if there a competitive offer elsewhere. Florida and Texas have no state taxes, so they have a built in advantage. Large markets like New York and LA have much better endorsement opportunities.

          Few players want to play in the "North Pole" as PPat labelled Toronto when he was traded here. Phoenix may be able to pull shit like trading IT, because 99% of players would rather spend their winter in Arizona than Ontario. And even then, the distrust for the Phoenix organization created by the Dragic and Thomas situations certainly isn't going to help them land future Free Agents.

          Anyway, highly doubtful Lowry is traded against his wishes, because MU thinks with his head instead of his sack.
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            Hurricane_Herm wrote: View Post
            This is crap. These guys know its a business first, and I doubt anyone will be worrisome to sign because a player got traded when a favorable offer was made. Will players talk about PHX after they signed I. Thomas and then within six months traded him to Boston? I'm sure he was promised to be part of their playoff run and they send him to mid team in the east. Guys get traded and cut all the time. If the players don't trust this team in the future to sign its because management has been to inept to put together a team, thus creating their own reputation. The Lakers paid Kobe 50 million over 2 years to show the league that "we take care of our veterans, but you don't see free agents thinking they are the goats tits because of it. Why? Management is no good.

            If we get a favorable trade for Lowry, Masai needs to have a sack and pull the trigger
            Phoenix wasn't 1st in their division and amongst the best in their conference.
            Phoenix wasn't having the best season in their history with Thomas as the featured player.
            Thomas wasn't an all-star or even a starter.
            Thomas didn't have many suitors in Free Agency.


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              How about, what DID we get for lowry?
              -an elite point guard and leader
              -a competitive, home court in the playoffs team compared to the embarassing teams we've fielded since bosh left
              -a loyalty shown to the team, the signing of a star unrestricted free agent

              Some people are effing unbelievable. One bad stretch of ball that still has us a game back of 2nd, and guys want to get rid of this "cancer", this terrible all star, player of the month, leads the league in charges taken, showed us literally the most loyalty of any player in our history.

              This right here is the reason guys like masai ujiri are paid millions to run teams, and emotional posters are here, making stupid threads.
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                Kyle for Lavine?!?! lol what kind of drugs are you kids smoking these days?