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  • Fantasy Mock Draft Last 5 years

    Okay so just wondering if you can do a mock draft including only the top 6 picks from the last 5 drafts (not including 2014) who would you pick from 1 to 30. I will cross out 2 pick from each draft and add a better player that was picked later on the draft, outside top 6. eg. Drummond in for Thomas Robinson
    (Keep in mind everyone will play from there rookie year with NO injuries unless they where injured in draft day) eg. Kyrie Irving

    2013 - Michael Carter Williams*, Victor Oladipo, Cody Zeller, Alex Len, Giannis Antetokounmpo*

    2012- Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Bradley Beal, Terrence Ross*, Damian Lillard, Andre Drummond*

    2011- Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Enes Kanter, Thristan Thompson, Jonas Valanciunas, Kawhi Leonard*

    2010- John Wall, Evan Turner, Derrick Favours, DeMarcus Cousins, Gordon Haywood, Paul George*

    2009- Blake Griffin, James Harden, Tyreke Evans, Ricky Rubio, Stephen Curry*, DeMar DeRozan*

    Apologies to Klay but i picked the Finals MVP Kawhi over him

    Anyways okay so imagine your a GM of a team, all you know is these players college stats, NBA accomplishments, NBA CAREER stats and how man years they played in the NBA.
    so for example you wont know that Paul George got injured but you will know that he is a MIP, has been to the ECF twice and has been a ALL-STAR twice
    another example is ~ you will know Kawhi has never been an ALL star however he has won Finals MVP but you wont know he played for the SPURS when he won.

    EVERYONE in THIS draft is AGED 19 with the SAME BIRTHDAY on March 1st

    I'll start of with my draft
    Team Name ~ Boss Aaptors

    1. A. Davis
    2. Blake Griffin (college hype, NBA stats and team success)
    3. Kawhi Lenord (The Finals MVP made him jump up in the draft)
    4. James Harden (Has been to the finals)
    5. Paul Gergoe (Don't know he's injured)
    6. Stephen Curry (Great Numbers, 3PT records)
    7. Kryie Irving (I hate him but the all star appearances made him jump up)
    8. John Wall (2x All Star and career stats)
    9. Demarcus Cousins (Stats 1x AS)
    10 Damian Lillard (Game winining shot in playoffs, 2x Allstar and numbers)
    11 Demar DeRozan (1x All Star, high scorer, FTA one of the best)
    12 Jimmy Bulter (Team success, Low career numbers before this year however all star)
    13 Derrick Favors (Good Stats)
    14 Jonas Valaiunas (Team success, good numbers in limited minutes)
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________
    15-30 will be done on Friday

    Abbas wrote:

    First of all i was my own source

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    I really like this idea!! Ill think this over and get my picks in later!


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      Great post, 10/10. Can't wait to see 15-30!


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        harden and curry need to be 2 and 3


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          Some spots are hard because it would depend on your current roster (I'm kind of picking based on a blank slate roster). You also are short by 1 player, so I inserted Nerlens Noel as the #6 pick in 2013.

          I tend to favor defence over offence, but in general:

          1. Anthony Davis - Likely MVP next year. Injury concerns with his slight frame would be only reason to bump Curry to top spot
          2. Steph Curry - MVP this year. Lethal
          3. Kwahi Leonard – Great perimeter defender, strong rebounder, and developing scorer
          4. DeMarcus Cousins – best offensive player in the post
          5. Paul George – similar to Leonard, but not as good a rebounder. Further ahead as a scorer though
          6. James Harden – difficult to drop Harden this far down, but his awful defence is hard for me to swallow over better rounded options
          7. Jimmy Butler – I don’t think he has the same offensive upside as Leonard or George, but great perimeter defender and developing scorer
          8. Kyrie Irving – concerns over maturity and leadership take a back seat to fantastic talent
          9. Blake Griffin – great scorer and under-rated passer, but rebounding has dipped and defence has never quite been there
          10. John Wall – would like him better than Irving if he could develop a 3 point shot
          11. Damian Lillard – very well rounded player, who needs a little shot selection education
          12. Jonas Valanciunas – tools are there for a very good/great two-way player in the post
          13. Andre Drummond – won’t ever be a great offensive option with no range and poor FT shooting, but physically gifted player
          14. Giannis Antentekounpo – as unique a player as there is. Length is amazing. Shooting should improve
          15. Beal – scoring is there, defence is improving; health a concern
          16. Favors – loads of talent but hasn’t quite made the jump yet
          17. Haywood – very well rounded player. Under-rated playmaker and solid defender
          18. Oladipo – explosive player who could really develop into a star
          19. Derozan – the numbers speak for themselves
          20. Alex Len – injury and “small-ball” are limiting his stats, but very good shot blocker and developing scorer
          21. Enes Kanter – until recently, was just a poor FG% big with bad defence. A nice complimentary player
          22. Nerlens Noel – shot blocker and “garbage man” offence
          23. MKG – wants to be the best perimeter defender ever. If he could ever develop a jump shot, he’d be an all-star; valuable role player as is
          24. Tyreke Evans – over-rated as a player. High usage, poor shooting, poor defender, poor size for position
          25. Ricky Rubio – inability to shoot (even at the rim) is concerning, but vision as a play-maker is tantilizing. Poor defender
          26. MCW – his head is still too small for his body and his stats are inflated, still, shows some promise
          27. Ross – physical talent remains, best suited for as a role player
          28. Cody Zeller – no tangible comment about a guy who was probably a reach in his draft
          29. Thompson – TT is a rebounder, but that is about it. Cleans offensive glass well, but that is the only way he scores
          30. Turner – probably should be higher, but his game has been nothing the last few years

          Solid arguments could be made in some sections to re-order based on roster needs, but my basic groupings are








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            1. Anthony Davis - No way anyone doesn't pick him first. He has best big man of all time potential, maybe even G.O.A.T

            2. Stephen Curry - Great playmaker and of course, incredibly lethal shot. MVP candidate this year. 27, just hitting his prime.

            3. James Harden - Absolutely elite offensive skill, has made big strides on defensive end. MVP candidate this year. Only 25.

            4. DeMarcus Cousins - Best Center in the game

            5. Kawhi Leonard - Great all-around player. Finals MVP. Only 23.

            6. Paul George - Injury caused Leonard to pass him. Hope he can return well. Super athletic, great scorer and defender.

            7. Kyrie Irving - Love him or hate him, he's extremely effective

            8. Blake Griffin - Great scorer and playmaker. Hyper-athletic.

            9. Jimmy Butler - Great defender, getting better at offence. Gets better every year.

            10. Damian Lillard - Great shooter and playmaker. EXTREMELY clutch.

            11. John Wall - Great Passer, lethal speed. Jump shot pushes him down.

            12. Andre Drummond - Physically gifted player. A tank with huge potential.

            13. Giannis Antentekounpo - Virtually dripping with potential. Has the tools to be a dominant two-way force

            14. Jonas Valanciunas - Potential to be solid two-way centre. Steadily getting better at everything. Lack of freak physical gifts push him down below Giannis and Drummond.

            15. Victor Oladipo - He plays in Orlando, so not noticed much, but is developing into a great player.

            16. Bradley Beal - Great scorer, improving on defence. Hopefully he stays healthy.

            17. Gordon Haywood - All-around player. Leader of Utah's youth movement

            18. DeMar DeRozan - As shown from the last few games, has the potential to be a continual all-star. When he has his head in the game can be a great threat. Needs to reign in some shots.

            19. Derrick Favors - Talent is there, just hasn't seemed to put it together yet.

            20. MKG - For a team needing perimeter D, this guy is your man. If he had a shot, he would be lottery.

            21. Alex Len - Not getting the burn to maximize development, but a solid centre. Needs to stay healthy.

            22. Nerlens Noel - Potential for a monster defender. Offence in development.

            23. Enes Kanter - Seems to be playing better in OKC. Only 22.

            24. Ricky Rubio - Amazing playmaking and vision. No shot, could be lottery is he had one.

            25. Tyreke Evans - Overrated. Will not be a starter on a contender.

            26. MCW - Played well on a garbage team, will see how he does on Milwaukee.

            27. Terrence Ross - Amazing physical gifts. Has not found a way to put them to good use. Probably will end up being a bench player on a contender.

            28. Tristan Thompson - Elite rebounder, especially on the offensive glass. Not much else.

            29. Cody Zeller - Don't know much about him, but doesn't really stand out.

            30. Evan Turner - Same as Zeller.
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