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Is Casey a deterent for FA signings?

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    e_wheazhy_ wrote: View Post
    Maybe not necessarily Nunavut but soccer players go play in the boring and remote desert of Qatar or Saudi Arabia all the time, because they get paid exorbitant amounts. I think if you threw hardcore money at people they'd go anywhere
    well yes, except when there are 10 better destinations throwing the same money at you


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      Only to players who can't shoot the 3s.


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        Different guys go places for different reasons.

        Some want to win and don't mind taking a pay cut or role reduction to get into a better environment (management/roster/coach). Some think they can turn a franchise around and don't mind going to a shitty situation because they think they'll start the change. Some go for the promise of a new/elevated role (Kyle Lowry!). Some just go for the money. Some go for the city/location (damn, did we ever dodge a bullet with Steve Nash). For many it's a combination of a few factors.
        "We're playing in a building." -- Kawhi Leonard


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          Every team has the scouting report on the Raptors, so if the player is ball dominant and able to get touches over Demar and Lou and they don't care about efficiency, then they might. Any other player wouldnt want to stand around on offense then defend in a crazy scrambling scheme if there are options