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Calderon Took the Boos Personal Tonight

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    Honestly, what Jose should really do about it is drive to the hoop after that air-ball play and start trash talking the crowd with his angry face. Ya I'm sure those ACC fans were a bunch of cunts, but that airball was like a cherry on the turd-pie on how Jose has been playing lately. I never saw this guy on the free throw line more than twice AND not including late 4th quarter FOUL-fests. Jose is starting to wear out his welcome in Toronto and the only thing saving him is his albatross contract that BC (under the firing line pretty soon) made for him.

    If he wants to play to that value of is contract I hope he goes into an MMA ring in the offseason and fight a couple of dudes for real and get some facial damage that won't compare to Bosh and make him comfortable to contact.


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