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    Great post! I'm not sure why he stopped taking the mid range shots, but it seems like if anything is should be a point of emphasis to take more midrange shots. It would create more room at the basket for drivers. I'd like to see JV become a more versatile scorer. Also would help the offense flow a little more, cause he can get touches without posting up.


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      MU needs to give JV a better team lol


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        #Rapsarelegit wrote: View Post
        I think the perfect 4 is myles Turner. He's 6'11, shoots really well and is a shot blocker. He shoots 84% at the line. He's projected to go mid lottery(8-15). He has a 7'4 wingspan, is still 18 and is a decent athlete. I would trade two firsts to get him.
        Is he actually good defensively or does he just block shots? Big difference

        skyesonic wrote: View Post
        MU needs to give JV a better team lol
        JV's playing with a bunch of scrubs, let's trade for Jarrett Jack and Alan Anderson


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          Just read up on Miles Turner. He's a C that's not even mobile for a C, so it's a pretty big stretch to think we can play him at PF, next to JV nonetheless.

          Admittedly I haven't watched any footage yet but it says he's in the right spots on D, is high IQ, a good passer, can legit spread to floor to at least 17ft, should be able to stretch to the NBA 3 as he develops.

          Sounds genuinely perfect if he was somewhat mobile. That being said, if we brought in a coach that could utilize having 2 7-footers that are somewhat slow starting, it'd be pretty sweet


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            I just hope he hires a plyometrics coach in the offseason. A JV with bounce AND midrange would be lethal.


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              Poor coaching, there's nothing to elaborate on.
              The more you learn about the game, the more you realized that we have an career AC as HC and he's failing miserably.
              This team hit his ceiling last year. And I think that's what MU wanted to verify by letting them play together this year.
              Now he has his answers, it's time to get to work.

              MU deferred his building process after the Gay trade, no one has any idea of what his blueprint looks like.
              But after this summer, we will know for sure, and we will also know if he is the real deal or if that Exec of the Year was an anomaly like the Raptors run last year. Things did not go so well for our last recipient of the NBA exec of the year award. Hopefully, history will not repeat itself in this particular case.

              Bonus Jonas wrote: View Post
              First and foremost, let's please NOT make this a #FireCasey thread as there's already one for everyone to post their Casey hate (warranted or unwarranted) in.

              That being said, I was wondering why JV doesn't take that midrange shot more often, and mainly if it was because he's not confident with the shot or if it was instruction from the coaching staff to not shoot outside the paint (a la Miles Plumlee).

              His effectiveness as a jump shooter I really don't think can be questioned too much. He's proven he can definitely shoot (78% FT shooter on 681 career attempts). It's not like his mechanics are bad because he's proven he can make the shot.

              However, in game it's a bit tough to see if he's actually a consistent shooter or not because he's taken so little attempts.

              I'm going to compare JV to KG and Marc Gasol (one elite jump shooting big and another who's very good who I think JV should strive for).

              JV on his career is shooting 38.8% on shots from 10-16ft and 37.1% on shots past 16ft that aren't 3's.

              Gasol's splits on those two stats are 42.4% and 41.2% respectively. KG's at 46.1% and 45.4%. (DISCLAIMER: I don't think JV will ever shoot the midrange as well as KG. Like ever.)

              Now before you post with the generic "JV doesn't shoot it because Gasol and KG are better and he can't shoot lulz stop posting", Gasol's career FT% is 75.9 and KG's is 79.0%. JV has it in him to shoot well but he never wants to take the shot.

              This is also why he pump fakes so much. He used to shoot the midrange a lot more than he does now:

              Year 1: 366 Total FGA - 77 FG outside of 10ft
              Year 2: 676 Total FGA - 140 FG outside of 10ft
              Year 3: 532 Total FGA - 60 FG outside of 10ft

              This evens out to about 21.0%, 20.7% and 11.3% of his total FGA every year.

              He's shot percentages of:
              Year 1: 41.6% (32/77)
              Year 2: 32.7% (49/140)
              Year 3: 40% (24/60)

              Clearly very inconsistent but regardless, I think if he takes the shots confidently, he'd make them consistently. Kyle Lowry even said on Bill Simmons that JV could make the midrange shot but he's not comfortable with it yet.

              So RR in your opinion is he just not confident enough to take the jump shots or is the coaching staff telling him not to?


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                I've said since at least the offseason, that JV should develop a 10-14' shot that he could use both on the corner of the key (roughly same as foul shot, but a different angle) and along the baseline, similar to C's like Luc Longley or Rasho. As others have said, adding a reliable shot to his repertoire would potentially be a huge benefit to both him and the team - even just the threat of it.