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  • Not a fire casey thread

    There have been a lot of interesting discussions about this team lately that have been intriguing. I've been a fan for years and I am just as frustrated as everyone on these threads. The casey breaking point was a funny link that I appreciated (mine was during Rudy Gay's time btw).

    That's not what I wanted this thread for though. My intent was to discuss what would be the best option for the team going forward.

    1) coach - I actually really like Casey and think he has the right attributes to be a good coach. It just doesn't seem like he has the 'know how' to do it. This is a dead topic and I won't beat a dead horse. Thanks for your time coach.

    What I wonder if when the change will happen. There's one year left on his deal and then there's a team option. Maybe you hold on to him for another year and then cut him loose part way through next year. The upside? you don't have to pay two coaches and casey gets a chance to redeem himself. The downside - you don't make any progress and you lose a year.

    I think they should let him go this summer, but I dont think they will unless Ujiri has a slam dunk replacement. I'd prefer a young guy a la Vogel, Brad Stevens, Spoelstra, etc. We all want the old big names, but that's not realistic (sorry guys). Probably we'll get casey for part of the year and then an interim for the remainder.

    2) management - I like Ujiri. Risk averse? sure. we all cried for the anti-Colangelo and now that we have it we get articles about wanting more risks. I disagree with it. I like that Ujiri has a plan and won't make moves just for the sake of making moves or hoping for a slam dunk (haha, basketball puns). If you're not getting Kevin Durant, Lebron james, Seth Curry, etc, then why sell the farm? Why make big moves that bring in 2nd rate guys? No, i think we have great management.

    3) players - Is the poor play of Ross a casey factor? What about JV not progressing as well as we'd hoped? No brazilians all year?

    If i had any guesses I would say that Ross is the odd man out. I remember watching DeRozan hit summer league and just kill the competition. It's what made you believe in the guy. When ross has been at summer league it has always been ho hum. I dont think he's a real competitor. As such, I think he's gone.

    Amir? sorry guys but he's got to go. Dont kill me over it, but he's not been well for probably 2 years now and he's not getting better. I miss the Amir that would shut down Kevin Love but now struggles with any coverage whatsoever at the 3 point line. I know he loves the city/country. He's been great, but it's time to part with him.

    I just deleted a bunch of the other players on the roster. There's not a whole lot to go through. I am more interested in knowing what people think will go down in these areas. What do you all think?

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    Raptors may want to take a slight step back and allow some assets to develop. Bring in a system coach and integrate Bruno, Bebe and maybe Danials. They have two more first rounders in 2016 and Ross and JV haven't really defined themselves offensively or defensively.