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    Ever wondered which Toronto Raptor would win the Hunger Games? Well now you will know!!!!!

    Simulation courtesy of BrantSteele.

    Here are the districts!!!!

    District 1:

    Kyle Lowry
    Demar Derozan

    The two all-stars team up in one the favourite districts

    District 2:

    Greivis Vasquez
    Lou Williams

    The two guards team up, but Vasquez might slow the team down

    District 3:

    James Johnson
    Amir Johnson

    The Johnsons unite!!!!

    District 4:

    Landry Fields
    Patrick Patterson

    2Pat has the honour of working with the injured Fields

    District 5:

    Bruno Caboclo
    Lucas Nogueira

    The Brazilians unite! Will their youth and inexperience be their downfall?

    District 6:

    Terrence Ross
    Jonas Valanciunas

    The two young pros team up in a battle to try and reach their full (Hunger Games) potential

    District 7:

    Chuck Hayes
    DeAndre Daniels

    The veteran Hayes is tasked with the young Daniels

    District 8:

    Greg Stiemsma
    Tyler Hansbrough

    In probably the most intimidating team, The Steamer and Hands Bro team up.

    District 9:

    Dwane Casey
    Masai Ujiri

    The bosses try to show the players they can mix it up too.

    District 10:

    Tom Sterner
    Nick Nurse

    The assistants want to show up Masai and Casey

    District 11:

    Rudy Gay
    Andrea Bargnani

    After leaving a trail of crushed hopes, Gay and Bargnani unite to try and defeat the Raptors in the Games.

    District 12:

    D.J. Augustin
    John Salmons

    Both unceremoniously cast off the team, these two are eager for revenge.


    *I picked the teams, but all of the following events are computer simulated*


    - Nick Nurse finds Tyler Hansbrough hiding in the cornucopia, but Tyler Hansbrough kills him.

    - Greg Stiemsma sets an explosive off, killing Demar Derozan

    The team of Hands Bro and Steamer show why they're favourites. Hands Bro overpowers Nick Nurse, and DD is knocked off surprisingly early.

    NIGHT 1:

    - Bruno shoots an arrow into Jonas Valanciunas's head.

    - Amir Johnson and James Johnson fight Lou Williams and Patrick Patterson. Lou Williams and James Johnson survive.

    Proving that youth is not an obstacle, Bruno kills JV. Separated from team mates, Lou and 2Pat team up to fight the Johnsons. Amir and 2Pat are killed, and Lou and JJ leave the battleground, still alive.

    DAY 2:

    - Masai Ujiri dies from hypothermia.

    Poor Masai.

    NIGHT 2:

    - Lucas Nogueira kills Greivis Vasquez.

    - Chuck Hayes forces John Salmons to kill Kyle Lowry or Bruno. He decides to kill Bruno.

    - DeAndre Daniels dies trying to escape the arena.

    The Brazilians strike again, Bebe cutting down Vasquez. Unfortunately, Hayes' veteran savvy allowed him to corner Salmons, and forcing him to kill either Bruno or Lowry. Bebe's team mate is cut down by Salmons. But Hayes' team mate tries to escape the arena, leaving Hayes partnerless as well.

    DAY 3:

    - James Johnson overpowers Terrence Ross, killing him.

    - Greg Stiemsma throws a knife into Bebe's head.

    The battle for the starting lineup gets real as JJ uses his brute force to kill Ross. The last Brazilian is killed by the powerful Steamer and Hands Bro duo.


    The following tributes are still alive:

    Kyle Lowry

    Lou Williams

    James Johnson

    Landry Fields

    Chuck Hayes

    Greg Stiemsma
    Tyler Hansbrough

    Dwane Casey

    Tom Sterner

    Rudy Gay
    Andrea Bargnani

    D.J. Augustin
    John Salmons

    NIGHT 3:

    - Lou Williams kills Chuck Hayes with a sickle

    The veteran is knocked off, as Lou brutally cuts him down.

    DAY 4:

    - Andrea Bargnani kills Lou Williams

    - Kyle Lowry dies trying to escape the arena

    Lou lets his guard down after his kill during the night, so the Italian Assassin kills him. Apparently Kyle didn't hear about what had happened to DeAndre Daniels, so he dies trying to escape. Losing DD was too much for him.

    NIGHT 4:

    - Andrea Bargnani dies trying to escape the arena.

    - Landry Fields stabs Tyler Hansbrough with a tree branch.

    Andrea also tries to escape, and meets death. In the most surprising turn of the Games, Fields manages to kill Hands Bro.


    - Rudy Gay kills John Salmons.

    Gay strikes, knocking off The Fish.

    NIGHT 5:

    - D.J. Augustin decapitates Greg Stiemsma with a sword.

    Augustin manages to jump up high enough, and the favourite team of Steamer and Hands Bro are finished.

    DAY 6:

    - No Deaths.

    NIGHT 6:

    - Rudy Gay attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death.

    I don't know what Gay was trying to do, but he died.

    DAY 7:

    - No Deaths.

    NIGHT 7:

    - James Johnson kills Dwane Casey.

    In revenge for repeated benchings, JJ knocks off Casey.


    James Johnson

    Landry Fields

    D.J. Augustin

    Tom Sterner

    DAY 8:

    - No Deaths.

    NIGHT 8:

    - James Johnson ambushes Landry Fields and kills him.

    - Tom Sterner falls into a pit and dies.

    - D.J. Augustin dies from an infection.

    JJ manages to kill the surprising Fields. Tom Sterner, another surprise, falls into a pit and dies. D.J. Augustin succumbs to an infection that he had dealing with for a while.


    Congratulations to James, who won and had the most kills of anyone in the games with 5. The Hunger Games are over, and now James gets to return home and live a life of comfort. D.J. Augustin and Tom Sterner round out the Top 3.
    The name's Bond, James Bond.

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    Gonna go check out that simulator now. Lolol
    OG is our king


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      A few of them had me rolling trying to picture it


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        Haha this is so cool, here is mine:

        The Bloodbath
        Lucas Nogueira, Patrick Patterson, and Terrence Ross get into a fight. Lucas Nogueira triumphantly kills them both.
        Bruno Caboclo kills Demar Derozan with a hatchet.

        Day 1
        Andrea Bargnani, Tyler Hansbrough, and James Johnson unsuccessfully ambush Tom Sterner, D.J. Augustin, and Amir Johnson, who kill them instead.
        Lucas Nogueira sets John Salmons on fire with a molotov.
        Masai Ujiri accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it.

        Night 1
        Greg Stiemsa bashes Nick Nurse's head in with a mace.

        Day 2
        DeAndre Daniels bashes Greivis Vasquez's head against a rock several times.

        Night 2
        No deaths occurred.

        Day 3
        Greg Stiemsa sets an explosive off, killing Dwayne Casey.

        Night 3
        Lou Williams falls into a pit and dies.

        Day 4
        Jonas Valanciunas attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death.

        Night 4
        No deaths occurred.

        Day 5
        No deaths occurred.

        Night 5
        D.J. Augustin bashes Landry Fields's head against a rock several times.

        Day 6
        No deaths occurred.

        Night 6
        D.J. Augustin ambushes Greg Stiemsa and kills him.

        The Feast
        D.J. Augustin decapitates DeAndre Daniels with a sword.
        Rudy Gay snaps Bruno Caboclo's neck.
        Tom Sterner pushes Lucas Nogueira off a cliff during a knife fight.

        Day 7
        Tom Sterner bashes Rudy Gay's head against a rock several times.

        Night 7
        No deaths occurred.

        Day 8
        Amir Johnson kills Tom Sterner as he tries to run.

        Night 8
        Kyle Lowry accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it.

        Day 9
        No deaths occurred.

        Night 9
        No deaths occurred.

        Day 10
        Amir Johnson dies trying to escape the arena.

        Night 10
        D.J. Augustin dies from hunger.
        The winner is Chuck Hayes from District 7!