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    Nilanka wrote: View Post
    This team needs much more than a role player at the 3 spot. So shouldn't we be setting our sights higher?
    Depends on what you do at the SG and PF spots I think. I said it earleir that I think more than anything else the focus needs to be getting the star player here and then focus on role players. I said it last year and I say again that you gotta repect what they've done in Houston. They sold all their parts to get the stars and worried about role players afterwards.


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      Cody73 wrote: View Post

      Best option by far is Carroll.

      Won't break the bank on him, veteran guy that knows how to play, non-injury prone, has years in the tank.

      In all honesty, our best option in potential 3 & D type guys is Bruno, and bringing in Carroll to work with him would be highly ideal.

      But you guys are right in Fields being a 3 & D guy without the 3.

      EDIT: No-one has brought up Montiejunas??? Yes, a bit big for the 3 slot, but he can play there like Gallo used to for Denver folks.
      No he can't. He's far too slow for that. He's not even particularly quick for a big man.