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can we atract free agents?

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    Primer wrote: View Post
    That's not just a Toronto problem, that's an every team problem. Those guys are almost certainly sticking with their current teams. Very rarely does a top free agent change teams unless his current team is really crap, and if their current team is crap, are they really a top free agent or just putting up big numbers on a bad team?
    Which is why its all about drafting well imo. Which is why im happy that MU is the gm, he is known for drafting well. Thats why i want to maximize draft the number of draft picks, because i think he will make good choices more than many other guys.


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      There's no reason not to try to get something in free agency, but more and more I'm convinced that it's much easier to build your team through draft and trades. Everything we say about the cap jumping is true for every team.
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        Primer wrote: View Post
        Short answer, yes, there are obtainable players on our wish list. I'm just going to focus on some UFA since they are inherently more obtainable than RFA.

        For instance, if we really want Demarre Carrol, I'm sure we can make him an offer higher than Atlanta would be willing to make. Now, Carrol is a UFA, but I'm assuming he'd rather stay with Atlanta then go somewhere else, all things being equal. Which is why we need to make things not equal and offer above what Atlanta offers. They need to resign Millsap as well, so poaching Carrol seems pretty realistic to me with a mild overpay.

        Another guy who seems realistically getable is Greg Monroe. After the way Detroit dicked him around and forced him to take his qualifying offer to get to UFA status, combined with the fact Detroit isn't very good and is a much less desriable city than Toronto, I don't see him wanting to stay in Detroit. So since he's likely to leave Detroit, I'd say he is realistically getable for Toronto if we want him.

        Another guy I could see us getting with a mild overpay is Danny Green, with the same logic I used for Carrol. He'd probably stay a Spur all things being equal, but he's due for a big raise from what he's getting now, so we have an opportunity to outbid the Spurs and steal him away.

        Those are 3 off the top of my head, I'm sure there are a bunch more UFA that we would want that we could get with the right offer.
        I'd be happy with any of these guys.


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          I agree with most that top tier talent whom have a choice of going anywhere and getting paid will likely not be attracted to Toronto, but I think we have just as good of a shot at getting second tier talent as most any other team. We just may have to look more at veteran players like Dallas does.