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Raptors Text "Thank You" to Terrence Williams Last Night

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  • Raptors Text "Thank You" to Terrence Williams Last Night

    Most certainly a "thank you" from all of us too.

    Williams, whose 27 points are a career-high, got some thanks after the game from some of the Raptors – a team that is tied with Chicago for the final playoff spot in the East.

    "A couple of players from the Raptors that I know just texted me and said, 'Thank you,'" explained Williams. "In my head I was like, 'Thank you for what?... Oh, the eight spot.'"

    Williams would not elaborate on who the players in question might be, but he has stated that he plans on working with Toronto's DeMar DeRozen over the summer.

    Chicago (38-41) now heads to Toronto for an epically important game on Sunday, while the Nets (12-67) visit Indiana tomorrow night.
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    good for him and thankyou. because i was watching the highlights and i didn't know the bulls played and i was like no not the nets and they were down by quite a ferw in the first ot i was ready to cry.

    but, they did it thankyou, but we still basically need to win our final 3 games to make the playofffs.
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      I'm going to guess Sonny and Demar sent those, I reckon they'd pull something like that


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        Don't see anything wrong with this. It just shows that some of the team still wants to be in the post-season this year.


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          that is freakin awesome.......haha crazy that these two teams will be glued to the tv/phone/net when the other is playing.....the ACC should be as loud as ever on Sunday....should be a great game and great atmosphere!
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            Holly Mackenzie confirms it was DD who sent the text:

            DeMar DeRozan told me he texted with his fellow rookie Terrence Williams to congratulate him on the triple-double and to thank him for beating the Bulls. He also spoke about playing against his former USC teammate, Taj Gibson in the game tomorrow.
            What do you think about facing the Bulls?: “Playing with one of my teammates from college, we’re both fighting for the same thing right now. It should be a fun game tomorrow.”
            Were you able to watch the end of the Bulls/Nets game?: “We was on the bus, actually, Micah was on his phone, commentating every play, telling us it all on the bus, we didn’t get to see it. You’d think we were the Nets biggest fans last night. It was crazy, a lot of stuff not going our way, but stuff is. We’ve just got to take advantage of what is.”


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              Thanking the nets for helping us get to the post season. smh.