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SI's Ian Thomsen Leaves Bosh Off All 3 All-NBA Teams

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  • SI's Ian Thomsen Leaves Bosh Off All 3 All-NBA Teams

    Ouch .... that hurts.

    C Dwight Howard
    F LeBron James
    F Kevin Durant
    G Kobe Bryant
    G Dwyane Wade

    C Andrew Bogut
    F Amar'e Stoudemire
    F Carmelo Anthony
    G Deron Williams
    G Steve Nash

    C Al Horford
    F Tim Duncan
    F Dirk Nowitzki
    G Joe Johnson
    G Brandon Roy
    His reasoning:

    Also missing here is Chris Bosh, who put up sensational numbers. The tiebreaker that works against him is the Raptors' record. He has not been able to have a winning impact, especially during the crucial run after the All-Star break when Toronto went 9-15 (before Bosh's season ended prematurely this week). It's not so much that I'm holding the record of his team against Bosh as I am recognizing those players who have had a positive impact on their teams, including Stoudemire, whose frontcourt scoring has been vital to Phoenix's surprising season.
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    Doc Naismith wrote: View Post
    Ouch .... that hurts.

    His reasoning:

    Source - Click here
    andrew bogut's team was doing crap up until after the all-star break. why is he there? because his team started doing better the last 30 games of the season which he's been in like 22 of them
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      Half of that 9-15 was when Bosh was injured. Also, Horford has had no where near the effect on his team that Bosh has had (Although I agree he has played well), I don't think he deserves All-NBA honors though


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        In my opinion, that's a bit crap. It's hard to argue with any of those guys being there really. The only one I might take out is Timmay, but he plays D and his team is far superior. This one's for you Ian...

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          I would have to agree, while CB does his work and gets the numbers, it usually doesnt reflect on the teams record, and his biggest numbers usually come in losses.


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            Raptors record is his reasoning.

            Lets see how that holds up in his thinking for ROY. I doubt that it will

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              Stoudemire finished extremely strong. I can understand how Bosh was left off even though it sucks.


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                I think that is absolutely nuts. In terms of performance, I think Chris Bosh has been the fifth best player in the NBA this season.


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                  No CP3? I know he is injured but leaving him off is an oversight I think...unless that was a criteria used. He couldnt use the "he doesnt do much for his team" criteria either because he did pretty well last year with the same team until they started a dismantle and age/injury caught up with some (eg Peja).
                  This eval. of Bosh is nothing new by pundits out there. I am somewhat ambivalent about the omission. The only one that might be debatable to exchange a spot with would be Horford. But AH is a beast and has helped his team quite a bit and they are the 3rd seed. One needs to have just seen Raptor-Hawk games to recognize how AH handled CB to want to pick him of the two.


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                    All NBA teams are based on individual performances so CB should at least get the nod for the 3rd team and 2nd at the most. Bogut is nowhere near CB's level, and i think the voters know more enough of the season to put Amare as center and CB as PF.


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                      can't say i have a big issue (because, IMO, these picks are fairly meaningless. it's not like these are the ACTUAL all-NBA teams, just thomsen's opinion).

                      i do have an issue for his reasoning, that it's the raptors record that holds him back. for guards, and even wings, i can see this being a justifiable reason. but it's fairly well-documented that forwards (at least PFs) & centres have less control over their team's fortunes as they rely on others to put them (and their teammates) in a position to succeed or fail (and hence, the team to succeed or fail). to me, 'all-NBA' is about which players were the absolute best at their positions from start to finish. while TD is a sure-fire HOFer, the best PF ever (ok, arguably), etc., it's not as though the spurs are a 60-win team or anything...and it's not as though he's exactly lit it up this season. if anything, you could point to his decline being tied directly to the decline (if that's what it can be called) of the spurs.

                      the only argument i'd make for putting bosh in over anyone would be that not only did he perform at an incredible level, there really wasn't much else he COULD have done. he performed at the peak of his abilities (and remember, we're talking from start to finish here - so don't bring up game X in Dec or game Y in Feb that he had a stinker), and that peak was among the top players of the league.

                      i can't wait 'till next year, when bosh's numbers drop, his impact is less, but he's on a better team. that seems to be the really good...and be on a really good team.

                      lastly...why the fuck is it so hard to actually pick a 'team.' there are two PGs on the 2nd team, and none on the 1st or 3rd. the 1st team consists of 4 guys who pretty much play the same position (or at least perform the same function) for their respective teams.
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