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    Among the things I appreciate about the Raptors Republic site are some of the regular commenters and what they bring to the table. I could probably list a dozen that come to mind and the list would include a few who I regularly - but most often, quietly - tend to not agree with ... but if we all agreed with everything, there wouldn’t be much point to reading all that there is to read, here. (And I love the fact that there’s usually a shitload of ‘stuff’ to read here about the Raptors ... ‘cause I’m just one who can never get enough.)

    One of the commenters who - surprisingly, perhaps to some - I often enjoy reading is FAQ. Here’s a guy who sometimes (I believe) just loves to antagonize those Raptors fans who want to gush love for the team (I’ve been guilty of that a time or two) but who, at times, also displays rare insights - and sometimes, with real wit - into what’s actually going on out there, on the floor. But - and the reason for this post (aside from being inspired by seeing what the ROTD is at the moment) - whatever else one might say about what he writes when he’s writing from the ‘dark side’ of things, what he’s also given us (from lighter part of that dark side) is a term that I’ve actually grown somewhat fond of ... Tribal Honkers.

    I understand of course, that ‘Tribal Honkers’ is not a term that is meant to be flattering in any real way ... but for me, that might be part of its charm. Maybe ‘cause I recognize the truthfulness of it ... and I can - truth be told - see both the non-complimentary implications of the term ... as well as what I think of as the better implications, as they apply to my own damn self.

    It’s true that sometimes, I care about this team and how they’re doing, more than other things that should really rank higher in the whole scheme of things as they are ... and that makes me a Tribal Honker. It’s also true that I come here to RR to sometimes celebrate along with fellow Raptors fans when things are looking up ... and just as often - more so perhaps (unfortunately) - commiserate with those same fellow Raptors fans (both, quite often by just reading what’s being said) when things are not looking so good ... and that makes me a Tribal Honker.

    So, as I sit here typing away on a Sunday morning in a mild acetaminophen/codeine haze (recent shoulder injury) which tends to make me a tad fuzzy and goofy ... I wonder to myself if I’ll actually post this somewhere on the Forum ... (?) ... ‘cause if I do, I’m reasonably sure I’ll feel at least some sense of chagrin about it, a bit later in the day. But if do I post it after reading it several times in the process of deciding, I’ll leave it as is rather than ‘chicken out’ by editing the guts out of it, later. (Only seems fair, somehow.)

    So, cheers to the Republic ... and to FAQ for all those times I’ve simply shaken my head wondering ‘wtf?’ ... and for all those other times when I’ve nodded along and sometimes (even) laughed loudly and long at whatever it was that had me doing so.

    Cheers. And Go Raps.

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    Every blog or forum needs a FAQ. Blog/forums wouldn't be fun if everyone agreed all the time. FAQ seems to have the view from the "other side" or perspective on things. The other thing that make him so endearing is that even if he doesn't agree with you, he doesn't seem to bring himself down to some others levels with name calling and racial slurs. (from what I've read over the last while at least)

    And for that we thank you FAQ.


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      I am glad FAQ always stays consistent with the attitude that he brings to the comments. Either if we play good or bad, he just finds a way to open up a Tribal Honkers reference. I hope Tribal Honkers finds its way into some type of dictionary.


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        Wow, you guys are shameless FAQ Tribal Honkers.