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    planetmars wrote: View Post
    Job security is pretty important for an NBA coach. So need to step in a situation where the management is stable, and there is growth in the team.. so even if the season was unsuccessful from a win/loss perspective the job is safe.

    So here is my top 5:

    1. Toronto - homer answer.. but also because of the Leafs. Raptors can really do whatever they want and most casual fans don't care.. heck Casey's been on the job for 4 years already. Triano had a job for 2 years. If they lose its not a big deal.. I think the casual fan can get behind a tank/rebuild. MLSE has deep pockets. They have Drake to help with recruitment.. and a savvy/young GM that has the ability to think outside the box.

    2. Philly - doesn't seem like anyone really cares about what Philly is doing.. but it would be nice to work with such a young team. No expectations means keeping a job for longer.

    3. Indiana - just a stable franchise. Bird has brought so much stability and who wouldn't want to work with Larry Legend every day? George is also a top 5 talent.. and is still young.

    4. Minnesota - would love to work with Wiggins.. but there are expectations. Minny hasn't made the playoffs for a long time, and they're still years away in a tough conference. That's why they're not my number 1 choice.

    5. Orlando - some nice pieces to work with. Warm climate. Making playoffs shouldn't be too difficult. No top tier talent though and even if they get someone they'll most likely leave the first chance they get (see: Shaq, T-Mac, Howard). Hate how they handled the SVG situation as well.

    HM: Utah - polygamists an bible thumpers freak me out. If it was in a different location I'd probably push them to #2 or #3.. but Utah really freaks me out.
    lol, that's why you get an estate with a gated driveway and a fenced in yard
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      For starters, I wouldn't pick an Eastern Conference team because fans and owners would always have a perception that I am better than I actually am. We might be winning games because the competition is inferior and I had an easy schedule, when in reality they think I'm the best coach ever. Then when reality hits the fan, I'd get fired because I got swept by a much better team. Nothing worse than having a fanbase and owner that has unreasonable expectations of what I can actually do.

      Western Conference is the way to go because the competition is so stiff that if my team keeps missing the playoffs, no one will complain. Well damn, yea we're 10th but we had 38 wins! We would've been in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference! You can't fire me for that!

      Here are my rankings:
      1. Lakers - Nice place to live, money to spend
      2. Suns - Already a decent team.
      3. Minnesota - Up and coming team.

      Really it comes down to the type of coach you are. If you are the type who likes to build from scratch, try out new schemes and really just take a different approach to things, Minnesota is the place to be. If you are the type that is a perfectionist, or can't stand losing, Suns might be the way to go as a fairly established team. If you like hot girls, celebs, nice weather, being in the spotlight, then LA is the place to be.
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        The obvious choice is minny ti coach a potential hall of fme superstar player.

        But i pick orlando, lots if youth, very solid looking youth. Potential for trades as well as fa signings as well make for lots of ingredients to cook with


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          Axel wrote: View Post
          Everyone has different priorities when looking at a job opening, but is there a consensus for which jobs are better than others?

          Based on the current state of affairs, how would you rank the potential coaching opportunities if you were a head coach candidate?

          So looking at the non-playoff teams in the NBA (minus OKC since they hired Donovan and including Toronto cause duh), how would you rank each one?

          Use whatever subjective criteria that you would consider as most important (money, city, contender, etc), but rank the following teams:

          New York

          Please provide an explanation for at least your top 3.

          ~~~ My list ~~~
          Minnesota – Wiggins, LaVine, Dieng – that’s a solid group of youngsters to build around. Will have to build from within cause no UFAs are walking through the door.
          Orlando – lots of good young prospects – could become an insane tough defence. Sunny weather and no income tax doesn’t hurt either.
          Toronto – a solid compete now roster, but ceiling is a concern with current roster. Lowry dynamic would concern me.
          Suns – similar to Toronto in a lot of ways, but playing the West makes it much tougher.
          Utah – as far as locations go, not very desirable, but the roster has good young players like Gobert, Exum, Burke and Haywood. Future could be very bright in tough West.
          Lakers – a hard one to gauge since you never know who is going to be on their roster, but they will do whatever it takes to win. Legacy counts for something.
          Indiana – Paul George but the rest of the roster is likely at a cross-roads. Looks less stable than it did 2 years ago
          Detroit – you can see some nice pieces here but lack of star (and being in Detroit) isn’t much of a sell. Working under SVG would be entertaining but Ron Jeremy jokes would run rampant.
          Charlotte – small town quiet in the NBA landscape – seems perpetually not good enough.
          Philly – low expectations and lots of talented young prospects are enticing, but the turnstile roster approach would be very frustrating.
          New York – the big apple has certain appeal as a city, but Melo and whatever dregs Jackson can acquire isn’t enough to pair with a top pick when the future picks are all traded.
          Kings – more talent than the teams below (and some above) them, but a bat shit crazy owner goes through coaches too fast for comfort.
          Denver – not much talent, best hope is Knicks pick swap.
          Brooklyn – you will win more games this season, but it is going to be a long road before this team can ever actually contend.
          Toronto - weather, taxes, different country. Think TO is a pretty good situation for most coaches. Not dissimilar weather to Chicago, so not for everyone but probably not a huge hindrance.

          Phoenix - great weather all NBA season.

          Detroit - Pistons play in Auburn Hills, which is one of the townships outside of Detroit that are actually quite nice.

          Salt Lake City - is awful. But Park City 50km away is nice / wealthy.


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            slaw wrote: View Post
            I'll play:

            1. Lakers: It's the freaking Lakers and you get to live in LA.
            2. Suns: I already have a house there.
            3. Orlando: The city is a dump but the weather is nice and they have good ownership/management.
            4. New York: You get to live in Manhattan and coach the Knicks. If you win, you're a hero for the ages.
            5. Indy: Great basketball town and Indianapolis is surprisingly nice.
            6. Minny: Wiggins. Plus, Minneapolis restaurants have these breaded Walleye sandwiches I can't find anywhere else.
            7. Brooklyn: Coach killing job. Poor ownership. May get killed by Russian mafia. But you get to live in Manhattan.

            The Rest:

            Toronto: Downtown always smells like urine. Dysfunctional ownership group bound to collapse.
            Philly: Management has no clue what it is doing - more magic beans! You probably have to live there.
            Detroit: In Detroit, car drives you!
            Charlotte: Does Jordan still own them? No thanks.
            Denver: Cheap owner. Weird city.
            Utah: Irrelevant franchise.
            Kings: Crazy owner. Sacramento is surprisingly shitty for being in California.
            City of Denver sucks balls but areas around it like Boulder and Golden are really nice.


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              1. Philly - Job stability (we're only 5 years away from being 5 years away), lots of young talent, who doesn't like coaching young players? Young players are the best. Your odds of getting to coach an other-worldly talent is pretty high, which would be amazing.

              2. Anywhere else. A job is a job, and there are only 30 HC jobs in the NBA. HC coaching positions are like hand jobs. Take 'em where you can get 'em. Every other franchise has at least some significant drawback - shitty roster, terrible front office. When Jeannie Buss takes over the Lakers, that'll move the Lakers up above others, but while bumblebuss is in charge, I don't see it being a good situation. The only place I'd probably turn down a HC job is NY.
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