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    I agree Doc except for to say the centre needs offensive potential, or that Noah from the Bulls has said offensive potential. The only offense they need from that spot would be the ability to hit free throws. Bargs definitely does not work at SF.. and even starting at PF will be tough for him. I want to say ideally on a team with players good enough to win anything Bargs would be coming off the bench... but it seems even more unorthodox than Bargs himself to have an offensive minded forward first off the bench. I do not want to cheapen death, but I get the same feeling thinking about next season as I do about dying. No idea what will happen, just ominous darkness.


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      in belgium this hurts a much
      okay, say w/e you want guys. but, i can't believe you are singling out a first time head coach like triano and saying fire him, fire him.

      the dude has 1 and 1/2 seasons under his belt colangelo has been here 4 years and i appreciate that's hes trying and doing w/e the frig he can without trading like 3 main guys. but, it's just not working out and i think he needs to be sent packing it's been like 5 years nothing has happened besides two first round playoff exits and two seasons out of the playoffs looking in.

      iavoroni has been a long time assistant coach and hes been a head coach and he's not helping jay out at all, get rid of him.

      triano still deserves a chance i'd keep bargnani,jack, sonny, demar(i'm a bit iffy but i say hold on to him), amir ( i like what he's done but i'm still liking his trade value), i say move bosh regardless of whether he wants to re-sign or not.

      keep your young guys and i like what bargnani and jack have done lately so keep them and see what you can get for everyone else.

      let's get this alex english guy to be the head assistant coach since he's this hall of famer dude.

      i think we have a very smart gm but it's not working we need to go for someone else or try something different.
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