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Game #72 Nets at Raptors (but really.....are they?) Monday March 25th 7:30pm on SN1

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  • Game #72 Nets at Raptors (but really.....are they?) Monday March 25th 7:30pm on SN1

    Who's ready for the big game?

    Well, sort of a big game
    (except that it happens again on April 10th)

    Depending on your Washington thoughts,
    this might be the last game we play against a team
    almost as bad as us.

    Were it not for our current 10 game losing streak,
    Brooklyn would be in the lead with a 6 game slide.

    And that's where we're at now.
    In another year, as we get to the last 10 games of the season,
    we might be looking at seeding to see who our first round match up is.
    Not this year
    (tho, oddly, we still haven't technically been eliminated yet).

    But now we look at draft pick seeding.
    Not a bad outcome last night.
    With the Sixers, Heat (and to a lesser extent Lakers) winning
    and Indiana losing...
    the Pacers are only a half game out of the play in.
    This would definitely give the Heat something to play for on our season ending back to back

    I think that's the pick to pay attention to.
    Our own first pick will likely be 50/50 as to whether we keep it regardless of what happens.
    could we catch the Trailblazers?

    But the Pacers pick could be anywhere from 22nd to in the lottery
    (relevant for the few of you on the Zach Edey train)

    So for the first time in a while, (ever?), I'll be cheering for the Clippers tonight.
    The Pacers have a medium schedule to end the season.
    Like us, two more games against the Ben Simmons-less Nets
    and they also have one against some team from Toronto.

    So cheer for whatever you're cheering for tonight

    Go Raps

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    clap, clap……clap lol

    thanks claw!

    ok go clips i guess i dunno


    • #3
      Good start from Dick and Agbaji.


      • #4
        Challenge three minutes into the game on a dead ball? No, it wasn’t Darko


        • #5
          GTJ midrange airball


          • #6
            These Nets unis are a new low in horrawful


            • #7
              Simmons > Nwora and McDaniels. Not close.
              Mamba Mentality


              • #8
                GTJ midrange airball again


                • #9
                  Travel by Brown. He knows which side the tank is buttered on.


                  • #10
                    Must lose game... heading into the 4th up 3....
                    There's no such thing as a 2nd round bust.
                    - TGO


                    • #11
                      I particularly liked Darko's FVV trbute midget lineup


                      • #12
                        Nets putting Dick into pick and roll everytime and scoring
                        Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


                        • #13
                          Dennis had his biggest contribution to the raps tonignt
                          To be the champs you got to beat the champs


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                            They aren’t even fielding an NBA team at this point. That was unwatchable.


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                              This product is not watchable. I usually find myself switching to a Rockets game or a T-Wolves game. I can't remember the last time I watched a full Raps game.
                              Mamba Mentality