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X Degrees of the Toronto Raptors - Next 2 years

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  • DanH
    As a note, max is only 15.8M for RFA's.

    I like your plan for the most part. With that much cap room though, I'd try to go after Middleton and then with the leftover throw an offer towards Cory Joseph.

    Also as a note, if you want to maximize cap space, signing rookies should be done last, as their cap holds are only 100% of the scale.

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  • Bonus Jonas
    Sorry for the late answer and I got too lazy to do one for what I think realistically happen. So this is my approach of what to do to rebuild completely in two years. Some luck is needed (mainly 2 things have to break our way, even though they would both be reasonably likely to happen.

    So here we go, two year rebuild:

    1. #FireCasey. Hire a young coach, go HARD after Hoiberg, try to get Cassell, or Tyronn Lue. Stressing young, someone that can develop young talent.
    2. Trade Demar Derozan to Denver for Wilson Chandler and their pick (#7 if they don't move up). Use some Masai magic and charisma to try to convince Denver to let us switch our firsts in 2016, but if we can't, it's not a big deal
    3. Trade Kyle Lowry to Sacramento for Jason Thompson, their pick (#6 if they don't move up) and try very very hard to have them throw in Nik Stauskas. I think this can be done as we're doing them a favour by taking Thompson's contract (which goes into the 2017 season, aka less cap space 2016 offseason bonanza)
    4. Only do this step if you can get Stauskas added to the last trade. If you can't, skip this step. Trade Terrence Ross to Oklahoma City for Perry Jones.
    5. Assuming no draft picks move up, our draft night should go:
    #6 - Hezonja or Winslow (whoever's left, almost certainly Hezonja)
    #7 - Porzingis
    #20 - Lucas
    6. Let every free agent walk.
    7. Sign Valanciunas to a 5year/65M extension (13M per, give him 14M if need be).
    8. Sign our 3 draft picks to 120% of the scale.
    9. At this point, we have 49.6M tied up this season. Use remaining cap space to offer Reggie Jackson the max (4year/72M starting at 16.7M with 5% increases). This is the first thing that we need luck with, because we need Detroit to not match. I don't think they do because I don't think Stan Van Gundy can justify to Detroit ownership how he has 25M tied up in two point guards, and Reggie Jackson really isn't worth the max, AND Detroit ownership already did him a huge favour by allowing him to stretch provision Josh Smith (another 7M per season). So I'm gonna assume we land Jackson.
    10. Use your exception to sign a cheap insurance guard (we have 3.2M to spend and it really doesn't matter who it is, but if I had my pick, I'd want Willie Green. Essentially an extra coach as he's a future coach)

    Going into 2015-16 our depth chart is:


    RJ-16.7 / GV-6.6 / GL-1.45
    NS-2.87 / MH-3.40 / WG-3.2
    WC-7.17 / JJ-2.5 / BC-1.52
    JT-6.43 / PP-6 / PJ-2.04
    JV-4.66 / LN-1.84 / KP-3.11

    Giving us a total of: 66.29/67 +3.2/3.2 exception

    I think this team (assuming we have good coaching) struggles a bit but competes for the playoffs, ultimately ending up 9th-11th in the East.

    Will do my next season in my next post.
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  • DanH
    Zero chance you get two top 10 picks for Lowry. That's madness.

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  • Bandit
    My approach is quite simple, go all in on the next couple of drafts to acquire some young talent that you can lock down on what could be extremely cost effective contracts when the cap jumps. You have some young developing talent, lots of cap space, and I think you could be a pretty good destination for a star in either the summer of 2016 or 2017. So it probably won't be very popular for a couple years...

    To start I let all my FA walk.

    I have three players I really target in the draft. Russel, Hezonja and Winslow.

    I try to make a three team deal With Den and Sac. Lowry to Den, Lawson to Sac, D Williams and stauskas to Tor with both first round picks. We can send out our own first rounder this year along with future second rounders to fill in any gaps.

    Then I try DD and Ross to LA for jordan hill and their first.

    I also try to buy one of Philly's second rounders (35/37) if Lucas is on the table still, then I put him on my Dleague team with Deandre Daniels.


    Finding a young, hungry, intelligent and promising coach is my next step. Probably remodel the whole coaching staff.

    In FA I look for a guy like Wes Mathews on a 1-2 year deal to come prove he can still play while allowing future flexibility.

    I think this roster has the ability to compete at a high enough level to possibly make the playoffs, especially if we use the rest of our cap space to sign a veteran or two and the rooks can contribute.

    With a young group of JV/Russel/Winslow/Hezonja/Bruno you have everything covered for down the road if you can develop this talent, and i think you have a strong starting 5 in 2-3 years. You also have the luxury of picking and choosing who you're core is while moving forward.

    The Dleague is important to ensure you have enough playing time for the young guns, and if you cant get them all minutes somewhere an approach like this wouldn't be worth it.

    Just my 2 cents

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  • Bonus Jonas
    I work right now but when I get home I'll do two scenarios, one of what I think is gonna happen and the other if we blew it up completely.

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  • Bandit
    started a topic X Degrees of the Toronto Raptors - Next 2 years

    X Degrees of the Toronto Raptors - Next 2 years

    I think this is a pretty unique time in the franchise for the Raptors. Over the next 2 off seasons a lot is going to be happening:

    - Cap Jump unlike any the league has had before
    - Raptors have no horrible contracts with only 28 million on the books for 2016.
    - Exclusive D league affiliate coming into play
    - An ownership group willing to spend where it counts
    - An interesting mix of talent that allows for all sorts of moves
    - Have some nice Draft picks still
    - Any contracts we still have around are able to be moved
    - Raps host the ASG

    There has been some talk about how important this offseason is and I'm not sure that this statement has ever been more true for the Raptors.

    We've talked a lot about this years draft, about free agents, restricted agents and potential trade candidates. We've talked about coaching replacements, and about ways to use the D league.

    I'm curious to see how everyone would bring it all together. If you were MU, and you had this wide open platter to do whatever you wanted, what would you do over the next 2 years?

    What trades are you looking to make? Who do you want to target in FA? Try to keep everything realistic, trades that make sense and FA signings at prices that make sense. Who do you draft? Do you try to move up or get more picks for the next 2 years? What do you do next year? What type of core do you want to use for the raptors? How do you use the D league team? What do you do about the ASG? Who coaches your team?

    I'm curious how everyone views the current situation. It truly is unique in the history of the NBA.

    I'm going to post mine later tonight, almost done work and don't plan on sticking around.