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What Business Did Belinelli Have Taking DeRozan's Minutes?

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  • What Business Did Belinelli Have Taking DeRozan's Minutes?

    This post isn't really a knock on Belineli, though he did SUCK tonight. Like 4 OPEN threes missed. No, this particular thread is a knock on Triano - why continue to play Belinelli? Because he is a 3-point threat? He ain't. I just don't get it. 23 minutes to Belinelli, and he went 0-6.

    On the other hand, DeRozan wasn't impressive, but you gotta let him play through it a little. 13 mins? Most of that was garbage time. WTF?

    This part is a knock on Belinelli:
    I would rather have seen Banks take Belinelli's time. He was absolutely terrible.
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    It wouldn't matter, they both sucked.


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      Belinelli just lost his confidence. I think that Derozan lost his too. It's pretty hard to sit on the bench for 5-6 matches and than play 20 minutes and trying to be decisive. I don't want to defend belinelli, I just think that almost every player in that situation need to be thrusted, need some minutes on the parquet, and need to regain his confidence. That was a terrible game for all the team, the worst part about the match for Derozan o Marco, was that they didn't even try to make the difference, they were out of the game: Derozan attempted only 2 fg in 12 minutes... belinelli 6 in 22.


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        I don't particularly blame belinelli, he probably played 22 minutes combined in the last 2 months before this game. It's not that easy to just turn it on straight away.


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          Hotshot wrote: View Post
          It wouldn't matter, they both sucked.
          Agreed, overall D wasn't there. Nothing one mediocre wing player could do about it. Belinelli did have 4 clean looks from three but missed them all. If he makes those, Triano looks like a genius.

          Problem again was the D...Derrick Rose can't be checked by Jose, Jack or Weems...I thought Banks should've been used much earlier. I was at the game and yelling for his number to be called.

          Bottom line is you can't win games with the other team shooting 50% or better. The defense needs to be fixed big time, we should aim to win games 93-88, not 116-110.