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WTF Happened? (Raptors offense)

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    Superjudge wrote: View Post

    you guys, honestly.

    wtf is right.... as in, wtf is up with a collective group of people who;

    1. refuse to believe the players on their favorite team might not be as good as they had hoped.
    2. seem to think that, not only is the head coach bad, he is actually less intelligent than anyone on this forum, AND most casual fans, and that this must be the case as there is no way in hell the players themselves can be held responsible for the shit you watched for 50 games this year.

    Honestly guys.... think about it.
    No team ever had enough talent playing the Raptor style. Even the NBA Olympic dream teams were beaten when it was just talent playing individually hence the need to build teams not recruit "talent".


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      KHD wrote: View Post
      that doesn't explain why we switched from good basketball to pure iso jumpshits for this entire season. Remember the "Offense is flawed" thread back in the early season?
      Soo good, I can't get the imagery out of my head.

      Matt: "[Insert shooters name of choice] dribbles into the open space, rises up for the jumper..."

      Jack: "It's happened again. He's going to have to sub out and get a fresh pair of shorts."

      Matt: " the front of the rim. You know Jack, this has been an issue for a lot of Raptors' players this year."

      Jack: "That's right Matt, and the organisation is still not sure what's causing it. I used to think it was too much pre-game poutine, haha, but Raptors brought if chefs for the all the back-court players and we've yet to see any positive effects"

      Matt: "Raptors scrambling back on defense, it's a five on four, as [Insert shooters name of choice] is struggling to get back..."

      Jack: "Well, we can see the effect that this is having, not just on the offense but the defense as well. It's just harder to run when you've got your cheeks squeezed together like that."

      Matt: "Some nifty passes on break leads to lay-up at the rim, Raps down 16 and Casey calls time out, well be right back with the Dependable" Player of the Game.

      [Commercial Break]

      Announcer: "And now it's time for the Dependable Player of the Game. Brought to you by Depends. When others are relying on you to perform, don't let incontinence get in your way. [Clip airs of player of your choice missing 6 jumpers and hitting the 7th] Depends, performance you can rely on. Back to you Jack."
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        I think it all started when DeMar got injured and Kyle `put the team on his back'. The iso-heavy offense started, and when DeMar returned, the team did not go back to sharing the ball. I'm surprised at how often I read about the Raptors getting to be third in offensive efficiency base on iso-heavy offense, with the writers completely forgetting about the nice team ball being played at the beginning of the year when we had our best stretch of games. It was a lot of fun to watch in the beginning, and i don't see why Casey can't get us back to that style next year, although Kyle's new all-star sized ego might be an impediment.