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what are your expectations for the raptors next year?

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    get rid of Casey
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      but... but... what if... we somehow win the NBA?


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        Day One wrote: View Post
        if our offense consists of non stop iso plays and if not one of the many coaches we have can teach jv how to guard a pick and role and players are praised for taking long 2s and there is a limit instituted by the coach to the amount of shots our starting our starting center is allowed to take, im not sure it matter what players are on this team next year.
        What does this have to do with expectations?
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          I expect us to get new starters at SF and PF giving Casey his last chance to prove his system works and that it was the players fault. If we get those new starters, I'd expect 50 wins and 2nd round of playoffs like everyone else.

          Will be interesting to see what actually does go down with the roster.


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            distorsun wrote: View Post
            Good call.
            Best case scenario: 1st round exit + wrestling match btwn Kyle and Casey
            Worst case scenario : #9 seed.

            Regardless, it's gonna be another year toward building ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, just like Bruno Cabloco's 1st year.
            MU has some explaining to do.