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Unfortunately, I Was At the Game

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  • Unfortunately, I Was At the Game

    Some player thoughts:

    Bargnani - dude looks lost on defense, fails to anticipate the action, and is too idle for my liking. Gibson was killing him early and he didn't kill Noah enough.

    Turkoglu - played closer to the paint so his quickness on D wasn't a factor. Beast on the boards, bad shot selection. Can't finish in traffic and jumper is missing from Day One.

    Calderon - Triano tried to hide him by letting Weems check Rose and he get Hinrich. He can't even take advantage of Hinrich off the dribble, my #1 grip with him is that he doesn't drive and kick and he reminded me up close and personal how much that annoys me.

    Jack - Plays hard, but gets to be too selfish sometimes. Can't blame him, when nobody else tries to assert themselves he takes it upon himself to do so.

    Weems - When a Sonny Weems 18 footer is your best chance at scoring all nigh things will be rough. Still, good game from Sonny overall. He's being asked to play above and beyond his experience level.

    Johnson - Victim of some bad calls. Was out-muscled too often today. Poor game, only good thing about him was that he ran the break hard and got a couple alley-oops out of them.

    Belinelli - had four clean looks for three, missed them all.

    Evans - he actually fouls people before they even make their move. I don't get why Triano tolerates this guy even touching the ball on offense and NOT kicking it out on the rare chance he gets an OREB. The other team will ALWAYS fouls his 47% FT shooting ass.

    DeRozan - I had to be reminded that he was in the game. Just doesn't have a role on this team without Bosh. He used to be the guy the defense sorta ignored and he cut to the rim but now he's just running around out there without a clue of what to do. Can't play the zone very well.

    Banks - great lift off the bench. Way too late though. I was calling for him to get in at the end of the 1st.


    Worst part about this game. When we were down 21 in the third, the ACC was excited about guessing Rasho's favorite celebrity on the jumbotron and waving their arms madly for $2 t-shirts. I got reminded why I don't like going to games.

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    The thing about Marcus, even though this site jokingly rips into him, is that he actually is able to play some pretty tough defense. So if we have Turk out there and our plays are being run through him, why not have a guy like Banks out there to just check quick guards and push them around a little bit. Really, even if he picks up some fouls it's not the end of the world right? There's a chance Rose may have gotten a little bit out of his game and he couldn't have done any worse than anyone else that was trying to guard him.