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Who else is totally bummed by this offseason already?

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  • Who else is totally bummed by this offseason already?

    All these reports that Casey will be back were one thing and then finding out that the rebrand looks just totally f****** awful. Fantastic, so now i get to watch inept Casey coach the team into losses while they YET AGAIN wear total dogs*** unis.

    I don't even know what to say anymore. I couldn't honestly care less. It's one thing to have a disappointing season just completely crap the bed like it did but it's another thing when the offseason continues the downward spiral.

    2016, with the upcoming all star game was supposed to be the year the team took it up a notch but the team is as listless and unlovable as i can remember.


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    Thank goodness for Dynasty....and rum.

    There is definitely an aura of disappointment at this point. I was never really into the rebrand, so I'm not overly moved by the meh results. Bringing Casey back and whatever fiasco is going on with the assistants (are they fired or did they quit?) certainly are disappointing for both on and off the court (anyone ever heard of an entire staff quitting to spite the coach?).

    Only real saving grace as this point is that we haven't even entered the roster change phase of the off-season. Literally, my entire happiness/excitement for this season hinges on what players are here or gone before summer league.
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      Totally bummed too. I just don't get it. I wonder if the egos of DC KL and MU are big factors in how things are shaking down.


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        Here's to hoping roster changes will come swiftly, and dramatically as soon as the playoffs are done. No more small tweaks and banking on internal growth. Go get us a straight up stud MU.


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          DC being retained against despite every possible sign and logical reason against it, did it for me.

          I was pretty depressed after the second half collapse and then the first round sweep but I always held up hope that there was at least a light at the end of that tunnel (Casey being gone). And then that light just turned off.

          I honestly don't think anything else involving the Raptors or sports in general has ever dramatically depressed me this much. And I've been following the team since I was about 6 years old (back when the team first launched).
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            It was a pretty good high 1.5 years ago. OTPP was finally out of MLSE, TL was in and looked like they actually had a sports-minded guy with ambitions and high standards for on-court/ice/field success, MU was brought in and looked like a saavy up and coming GM, even DC was an upgrade over Triano, the Gay trade happened, practice facility announced, Drake happened, ASG announcement happened...everything was positive and it looked like one or two more steps and the Raps would be a serious team.

            The honeymoon is over, I guess. On the positive side there's always going to be challenges to work through, so we'll see in the next two seasons if the Raps can work through this or if this turns into another disappointing Toronto Raptors "era." Gotta be patient, gotta be patient, gotta be patient...
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              This all sucks

              A demar and lowry trade would make me happy again though


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                I'm hanging in there.

                Everything hangs in the balance with what happens to the roster though. I need something. Anything to feed on.

                Never had high hopes with the rebrand (Well I did when I saw the one mock up court) and I never really thought Casey would go. I need a good draft night, that would set my woes aside for a while.


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                  Being bummed is par for course when you're a Raptor fan.


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                    I'm so cheesed, right now especially after seeing all the other playoff teams put up a good fight and lots of great games, while the Raps played like a shitty lottery team. Kinda cheesed that Coach Casey is returning. As much as he seems to be a really nice guy who says all the right things, and as a human being, I don't wanna see him fired. But I believe that he can only take the Raptors this far (round 1 playoffs). I thought he has improved over the years particularly last year until the terrific start early this season, but has gone back to his stubborn ways.

                    Playoffs also is proof imo that Lowry being an all-star was a fluke and that he's not as good as he's hyped to be. And unless he plays right the Kyle Lowry #NBAAllStar, who actually plays like a point guard, with him as the best player this team's not going anywhere.

                    One of Lowry/Demar has to go imo, and I hope it would be Lowry. And other than a starting 4, the Raps need a bigger, 3 and D guy at the SF spot so Demar can shift back to the 2 where he is more comfortable. Ross would be better as a 6th man/JR Smith type of player as he's too small to be a 3 and has regressed defensively (if we're not trading him). And James Johnson, as much as we all love him as an energy guy, has no outside game and crowds the paint if him and Demar are starting. Patterson is too weak to be a starting 4 - can't rebound, can't box out, can't defend true 4s.

                    Oh and fuck small ball/Casey ball (1-legged Amir/Demar/Vasquez/Lou/Lowry)!!!


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                      Go to and create a #firecasey petition


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                        Isn't this board always bummed?

                        How about we let the offseason actually start. You guys are going to give yourselves an early stroke or heart attack with all this nervousness. Our collective fanbase is like that stressed out car salesman character from the simpsons Gil
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                          Way too early to be disappointed. Wait until mid-July after all the action happens then you can be disappointed.

                          Alternatively, if being a Raptors fan has taught me anything it's that if you have no expectations you can never be disappointed. That's why I haven't had any expectations of this organization since about 2007....


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                            Lol. Props for creating the most depressing thread on here in a while! What were you hoping for so far this offseason? I mean besides Casey getting fired. You know teams can't sign free agents until July 1 right?

                            Just chill on the knee jerk reactions people. I think for the most part every one of MU's moves were justified at the time. It's easy for us to bitch and moan on msg boards while we're supposed to be working. There's gonna be changes.

                            As for the rebrand I think it's better than the crap we got now. Too Brooklyny, but still better.
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                              Quirk wrote: View Post
                              Go to and create a #firecasey petition
                              If they weren't going to fire him after the second season collapse or the first round sweep or any of the numerous other logical reasons, this wouldn't accomplish anything.
                              "My biggest concern as a coach is to not confuse winning with progress." - Steve Kerr
                              "If it's unacceptable in defeat, it's unacceptable in victory." - Jeff Van Gundy