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Remember when they had to flip a coin to break the tie between Raps and Warriors

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    Mack North wrote: View Post
    I don't think Hoffa scored 51 points in his career, let alone one game...
    Come on, it was 389! Don't sell the guy short!
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      peanutwoozle wrote: View Post
      Personally, I think the coin toss should be abolished and use the tie-breaker system used for the playoffs, the team that wins the tiebreaker gets the higher pick (to somewhat discourage tanking)
      Rock, paper, scissor best two out of three, I say.


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        peanutwoozle wrote: View Post
        even Araujo was better than Ross.

        Your an idiot. Coaching and mentorship is what makes potential become star power. The raps have neither. ross only needs the right coach and veteran players around to blossom. A trade might actually be the best thing for him. Play his natural position two guard


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          Fanchie wrote: View Post
          That's one hell of a crossroad...
          Didn't BryanCo come out and say that the purpose of the season was to tank????

          And we didn't even succeed at that as Mr Out of no where triple double Ben Uzoh lights up the Nets... They finish lower... They get to draft Lillard (who had to the Nets via trade)...

          (as a side note... Ben Uzoh has as many triple doubles as Air Carter)

          Ross vs Lillard... Now that's something to lament. However, only looking forward and excited to see what Masai can do with his blackberry...

          Heading into the final game of the '11-'12 season, the Raptors and New Jersey Nets — who had already traded away their first round pick in the 2012 draft to the Portland Trail Blazers for swingman Gerald Wallace — were tied for last place in the Atlantic Division. Despite Colangelo's clandestine wishes, Casey rallied the troops to finish the season on a high note, turning in a 98-67 blowout of the about-to-leave-New-Jersey Nets behind a somewhat shocking triple-double (12 points, 12 assists, 11 rebounds, four steals) from former Net Ben Uzoh, a 24-point, 12-rebound double-double from Ed Davis, and 20 points on 5 for 9 shooting from 3-point range from Alan Anderson.

          “The last game of the season, [Nets head coach] Avery Johnson had a 24-point deficit and was looking down at the floor smirking,” Colangelo said.

          Toronto wound up finishing 23-43, one game ahead of the 22-44 Nets, whose draft rights went to the Blazers, who used the No. 6 pick in the 2012 draft on point guard Damian Lillard; two years down the line, Lillard's the reigning Rookie of the Year and a Western Conference All-Star. Toronto also finished even with the Golden State Warriors, who won an eventual coin flip to earn the right to draft seventh; they took Harrison Barnes, who stepped in right away and played significant minutes on a Warriors team that went to the second round of the playoffs. (Golden State made what appeared to be a similarly concerted effort to sink to the bottom of the NBA barrel to avoid giving up the top-eight-protected 2012 first-rounder they owed the Utah Jazz, but you didn't hear Warriors GM Bob Myers, who wasn't on the panel but was in attendance at the conference, admit to it.)