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Bosh Makes ESPN's All-Lefty Team

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  • Bosh Makes ESPN's All-Lefty Team

    Heeeeeeeere's your starting line-up for you NBA "All-Lefty" team:

    PG: Brandon Jennings
    SG: Michael Redd
    SF: Josh Smith
    PF: Lamar Odom
    C: Chris Bosh
    6th Man: Manu Ginobili

    Here's what Marc had to say about Chris:

    Even though only 6.7 percent of the league's population is left-handed, there are a lot of big men to choose from for this squad. New York's David Lee, Golden State's Andris Biedrins and Indiana's Troy Murphy are all warmly appreciated here … and ESPN colleague/famed retired lefty Jalen Rose chided me for leaving Memphis' Zach Randolph out of the lineup.

    However …

    You can quibble about designating Bosh as a pure center, but there can't be much debate about his standing as the league's pre-eminent lefty big man. Although it has to help that he has more offensive talent around him in Toronto than ever before, Bosh is playing with a ferocity and a consistency we haven't seen before in the run to his much-anticipated foray into free agency.

    "Obviously, one thing I think everyone notices right off the bat is that he's bulked up," says Raptors guard Jarrett Jack, who sees the change more than most since he roomed with Bosh for a year at Georgia Tech.

    You'll also notice some seriously beefed-up statistical production when you examine Bosh's first month of the new season. Playing two minutes less per game than last season, Bosh is averaging better than four points and two rebounds more per game than he did in 2008-09, nudging his averages up to 26.8 points and 12.2 rebounds.

    The problem? At the rate Toronto is giving up points these days, Raps fans are either going to have to see their team mix in some defense soon, or get some sort of positive signal from Bosh about his forthcoming free agency, to enjoy any of this.
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    Bosh has found himself a league he can be MVP in! lol
    The best Raptors discussion board is at Raptors Republic.

    Stephen Brotherston, Pro Bball Report