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5 year anniversary of the championship

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  • 5 year anniversary of the championship

    5 years ago today we were all celebrating in the streets, savouring the victory that as a fan I never thought I'd see. I'm rewatching 2019 game 6 right now and the sight of Jurassic Park going bonkers brings so much joy. Thanks to the RR community for making a home for my fandom. It might take a while but it could happen again.....

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    Funny…was going to work this into a thread but, there you go. Good times.


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      Amazing experience! Was fortunate enough to watch the final game and parade with my son. Both kids are young adults now and both are die hard fans - fed them raptors since they were born. Cant wait to do it again!


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        Solid 3rd post and hilarious user name. lol.


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          Game 6 was on TSN the other day. Caught a bit of the first quarter. Those were great times. Kyle Lowry was so awesome to start that game.


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            With my wife's Oilers on the brink I was thinking about how special it is for your team to win a title in the new North American sports landscape. Very thankful I got to cheer for one as an adult.