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    DanH wrote: View Post
    I doubt Ross makes the team better - DD is an average player overall and Ross is pretty far below average.

    But if you are trading DD and want to keep Lowry happy, then ideally you trade DD for a legit starting PF, in which case maybe the team does get better. If you trade DD for prospects or picks, I expect you do the same with Lowry, in which case it is definitely a rebuild, as he's our top win producer.
    I get the whole keeping your players happy but eh, you're payment is 12 million a year. Masai's the boss, he makes the decisions, I hate the fact of keeping players happy. It's different if you have a franchise guy like Durant then sure, you do whatever you can to keep him and keep him happy. But who cares if Lowry's happy. In saying that, I think KL might be a better trading chip due to his contract longevity. HE still has 3 more years left whereas Derozan has 1.