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    DanH wrote: View Post
    Kay is certainly primarily a shooter, but that's hardly a bad thing when you are as good a shooter as he is. Although, yes, he has developed a nice counter where he can drive on close outs. And he's pretty average on D - his value is that he's quick enough to take tough assignments from Curry, so Curry doesn't have to expend as much energy on that end - he's quite valuable defensively without actually being all that great at it.
    Glad someone points this out. I kept reading stuff about Klay being some sort of lockdown defender and it didn't make sense to me. He's basically DeRozan with better foot speed on that end (which allows him to guard 1s, although it's not like he's really shutting them down).


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      MACK11 wrote: View Post
      I'd rather have Jimmy Butler over Klay
      I guess it depends, obviously you'd rather have either unless you have Harden or the other.

      If you want to have a stronger offense then you go Klay. If you want a better defense you go Butler (I don't consider him more than above-average offensively).