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So how have the Raptors prepared for Thursday night?

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    Apollo wrote: View Post
    Gay wasn't really on the radar for #1 back then. It was down to Mago and Aldridge. He wanted to trade down and take Mago lower but no one offered him anything worthwhile for a #1.

    I'm not sold it was all about height. Colangelo's whole thing was about high octane "small ball" that didn't necessarily roll lineups of smaller guy under center but played "small". He really wanted Mago because of his skillset and Colangelo also had a fascination with Euro players; probably due to his desire for frequent ball moment. Garbajosa and and Parker were key examples of this, both being smart, selfless players who were good passers and had good shot selection. Both were very successful overseas.
    That's right. The Colangelo vision for the Raps was kind of like Phoenix East - a fast-paced, 7-seconds-or-less with Euro shooters who pass the ball. Looking at what GSW has done, you could almost say that BC was ahead of the curve. But that was abandoned quickly because BC could never stick to any plan for more than 1 season: i.e. making moves to appease Bosh (e.g. JO), battling with Smitch, over-valuing Bargs, over-paying FAs, getting one-way players (Reggie), etc...