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Can someone explain something to me about DJ signing with mavs (raps related)

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    It's great news for our pick. I'd say it throws some instability into the clips, meaning they won't be the typical top 3 finish in the West (would have left us a 2017 pick around 25-30).

    Like others have said, a team with Blake, Cp3 and Doc Rivers is not likely to miss the playoffs - but more likely to be a lower seed ... maybe putting their pick in the 18-22 range.

    Not to mention the NYK/DEN pick next year getting better and better with every free agent the NYK strike out on. We could have another franchise record season, and follow it up with a top ten draft pick!
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      Letter N wrote: View Post
      Balmer's Clippers aren't missing the playoffs.

      Blake's signed through 2017-18, that alone will keep them going strong enough to make the team playoff worthy even if you believe CP3 leaves that year.
      I agree. I see them working it out. When you have superstars you just need the right pieces, not the perfect pieces if you get my drift.

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