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Starting 5 next season?

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  • breakin_ankles wrote: View Post
    I forgot about that new guy, Richards? I think he is taking Daniels place with the jones fracture and all. I reeeeallly hope they grab Dorell for the leadership, shooting capabilities and defence.. Feel the bench with Cojo / Ross / Wright / JJ / BB would be the best line
    I'm pretty confident Roberts is training camp fodder then an assignee to the 905 after he is waived.


    • Kyle Lowry
      Demar Derozan
      Norman Powell (Since he can play D and got some offensive game too)
      Demarre Carrol
      Jonas Valancinuas
      (Starting from mid season hopefully)


      • planetmars wrote: View Post
        Hard to say.. Psycho-T played center a lot last year and he's not a center. He might look at Biyombo and think he's a forward.
        Speaking of the devil, someone moved the "Everything Tyler Hansbrough" thread out of the "Everything Raptors" forum. How soon people forget! (Some cannot forget soon enough.)

        Considering that Patterson and Valanciunas were +.02 points per 48 minutes together last season, I have my doubts whether Patrick will stay in the starting lineup for long. At least Hansbrough and Valanciunas were + 2.9 per 48 minutes. No doubt Scola will be ready to go if and when he has a chance. I would be happy to be proven wrong, because I think Patterson is an excellent player who makes everyone around him better. Biyombo + Valanciunas, on the other hand, is a disaster waiting to happen...