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  • RobertRogers wrote:

    Yeah, that was great to see! I want to reconfirm this thing, that what do you mean about big team is there was more members in that team?
    Nono silly there is no big team. Puffer was mistaken, everyone on the Raptors is short.


    • I fully expect Powell to sign for the DLeague team and not be on the Raptors roster. Daniels I'm not so sure, he might get a roster spot. mobdro app

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      • I also think that Powell will sign a contract with the DLeague team! Often write here and there! But that's not exactly all that can change!
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        • Went to the game on Saturday. I came away with a few points:

          1. Dowtin is a certified NBA player. The 905 were bad most of the game, but when Jeff was on the court the lead ballooned. He was dramatically better than everyone on the court.

          2. Christian Koloko was bad. I get it, he didn't want to be there. He probably thinks he's an NBA guy...then prove it. For 2.5 quarters Koloko set 0 screens. None. His feigning that he was setting a screen was so bad that it led to the PG getting double teamed at one point. The only things that a center has control over are: 1/ setting screens and 2/ boxing out. Koloko seemed allergic to both. When he finally started to actually set screens, his teammates started to pass him the ball in scoring situations. (Funny how that works out). He had a run of 6 straight points in the 3rd.

          He did nothing to earn play time with the big club.

          3. The audience experience at 905 games is a problem. This was my second game of the season. It was markedly improved from my first, but in comparison to Marlies games, it was mediocre.

          My first game was a midweek game and was bad at every level. The ball boys/floor sweepers did such a bad job, players were falling down on spots that were not wiped down after a foul, etc...A kids' team were lined up at the wrong court entrance and missed their chance to hi-five the home team. A member of the food staff who they had taking orders and money handling was clearly high, took peoples' money (including mine) but wouldn't give them the food they purchased.

          The merch options were not good enough for any team at any level.

          Also, in a nearly empty arena where the patrons could hear everything, the media staff said inappropriate things on the floor.

          It was so bad that my boys and I had a good laugh.

          The Saturday game felt like an MVP must have been there. The empty merch store was populated with some solid products, particularly the new jerseys. The food staff was better, the ball boys' were more attentive (it was different kids - I think). But, the printout of the lineup sheet had issues... I could go on.

          In comparison to the Marlies, the 905 game/audience experience is pretty poor. I wonder how much that impacts the players? What sort of management would allow a team that's developed so many NBA players to be run so poorly?

          I think a lot of people need to understand that most of the people that made the 905 great, are no longer there. If someone going to the games can notice it, there's no way that players don't. A lot needs to be done.


          • 905 get their first win, Gradey shoots well, but Gueye suffered a neck injury and was carried off on a stretcher. Hope he’s ok.


            • Game Day - back on the 905 beat baby!


              • Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


                • Johtay Porter actually went off lol. 27 pts
                  Only one thing matters: We The Champs.