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Which player will have a break-out season this year?

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  • Which player will have a break-out season this year?

    With all the newly acquired talented young players on our roster via free agency and the drafts, who do you think will have a remarkable season on our team that will surprise most people? Who will improve the most and be most valuable for our franchise moving forward? Who makes the biggest jump as a player this year?

    We've got a pool of players for candidates:

    Quick notes:
    -I've included the last two because either one can potentially prove to become a quality starter if they work on the right things
    -Lowry, DD, DC not included because i think they've plateaued in terms of having a defined role + skills but you can argue against it if you want
    -Some of these players probably won't get enough playing time to even be considered but I decided to include them anyway because ya never know!
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    I think JV is the obvious answer to make a big leap to an all star caliber guy. I think JJ could very well become the starting pf by the end of the year if given the opportunity. My boldest prediction however is that Bruno will play valuable minutes in the playoffs this year. Think about it, he gets experience in the d-league all year and then comes in virtually unscouted for the playoffs.


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      I think PP has the opportunity to have a breakout year. We talk a lot about the fact that Ross did not reach his full potential, well, I think it is thecsame for Patterson.

      Given a chance to start, he should produce. And to me, it would be unfair that TRoss had his chance to start at the 3 but not PPat at the 4.


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        Yes i'm serious.
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          it wont be JV cause he still wont be given meaningful minutes and will sit most 4th quarters for Caseys favorite small ball.

          The top choice is Cujo, you know he will be getting alot of SG burn as well as backup pg this year and his numbers are going to go up considerably as a result.

          Second is Ross, his ankle is fixed now, and he will regain his 3&D form


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            Don't know who will, but there is no one I'd rather see have a breakout year than JV. Really hoping Kalamian can do a better job than Bayno in getting JV to think a split second faster, get him to see the right pass to make when he gets doubled / see plays developing quicker on defence so he's not a step behind.

            If DD is able to shoot the 3 at league average rate he could have a great year as well.
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              I think the primary candidates are PP (starting role), CoJo (increased role), and JV (always just consistent minutes away).


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                JV. I'm telling you as soon as the team starts giving him his due attention and minutes he will explode.

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                  Apollo wrote: View Post
                  JV. I'm telling you as soon as the team starts giving him his due attention and minutes he will explode.

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                  Been saying this a while now, JV talent-wise/skill-wise/whatever-wise is the best player on the team he just needs a chance to show it.

                  He is our Harden. Idk if he's got that same superstar potential, but it's pretty clear he's being neutered in his current role (actually even worse than The Beard was). Ridiculously efficient currently, and it's not just putbacks and dunks like Drummond, the dude is a legitimate threat in the low post. With added quickness, that pick and roll potential that we saw when he was being drafted should manifest itself as well.

                  Like damn if the Raptors move the ball on offense and actually find JV. Not only will he explode but we might win 50+ games and have not 1, not 2 but 3 all-stars representing us this year in Toronto.

                  The one thing that does annoy me about this though is that people try to blame DD and to a lesser extent Lowry for JV not getting his touches, but I don't think that's fair. Make it a priority as a coaching staff to feed the kid the ball and it'll happen, period. We don't have selfish players.
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                      Not really sure rookies can be considered "break-out". JV should be hugely productive but I'm going with another talented big as my official breakout candidate.

                      Lucas Bebe Nogueira is going to have a nice season and really catch many people off-guard. He has the mobility and speed to cover in space. He will run the floor in transition and use his great length to disrupt on defence. Guy played well in Spanish league (#2 league in the world) and after another year developing his core and fundamentals, he is going to step in (maybe not day 1 but soon) and be a productive player. This was a guy drafted 11 spots ahead of last year's NBA breakout big, Rudy Gobert. Like Gobert, under the radar talent with length for days.

                      He seems to get forgotten about and just lumped into the Bruno "years away" mold, but that simply isn't the case for this Brazilian.

                      His smile and hair already set him up to be a fan fav, but his swats, and finishes in transition will be the real highlights.
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                        JV seems like the obvious answer, but I feel so many of us expect him to produce if given the opportunity that it wouldn't be as much of a surprise. IF we get 15+ppg and 10+rpg on 30mpg+ from Jonas it will be like "duh" rather than "wow" for most of us. I feel similarly, but to a lesser extent, about Joseph. He could play really well this year, but it may not come as a surprise. But I think these two should have the best opportunity to take the greatest leap forward.

                        But for surprise factor, Biyombo, Ross, Powell.


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                          If BeBe can somehow get to the point where he can play minutes at both C and PF, and can hit that midrange shot (he's shown signs that he has that weapon) he could be a tremendous fit next to both JV and Patterson, both offensively and defensively. We'll need to see him get some NBA minutes to start though.


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                            I think JV's too obvious and guys like Biyombo and PP are what they are. Even if they produce more it will be based more on role and fit rather than any big improvement in their skill sets.

                            1) CoJo - It will be more than increased role, he will have a much higher profile in general for the Raps and I hope he thrives in the spotlight.

                            2) BeBe - Has the tools to put together some nice stat lines and affect some games on a regular basis. His passing is something we desperately need from our bigs. Depends on him staying healthy and motivated tho.

                            3) Powell - He could very well be a legit NBA player in his first year, which is the definition of a break out season for a second rounder.
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                              I'm going to go with Kyle Lowry.. he had a really bad second half last year and playoffs. He's going to come into camp in shape and with a chip on his shoulder to prove that he's as good as we've seen him be.

                              He'll have that all-star form again at the beginning of the season. I can see one or two player of the month awards coming his way and consideration for the league MVP.