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Legacy League: Game #6 - Miek. v. B.Jonas (Winner: Bonus Jonas)

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  • BobLoblaw
    To be serious, I love both teams. This one will be tough. I'm not sure about Alonzo at PF, I feel like Miekenstein has built a really talented run and gun showtime team, but then he kind of matched down to Bonus and turned this into a halfcourt team, which is Bonus' game. I think it would've made more sense to just keep playing your game, running and gunning and see if Dirk can defend that, rather than get scared of Dirk, put Alonzo out of position and slow down.

    But that Miekenstein's backcourt is crazy good. I'll have to think about this later, since it's getting late here.
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  • Joey
    Ya I thought mine was long ... Hahah Will need a beer to read with this one.

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  • BobLoblaw

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  • Snooch
    how is Bonus' ten sentences, thats a gdamn novel.


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  • Axel
    started a poll Legacy League: Game #6 - Miek. v. B.Jonas (Winner: Bonus Jonas)

    Legacy League: Game #6 - Miek. v. B.Jonas (Winner: Bonus Jonas)

    Bonus Jonas

    The poll is expired.

    The legacy league was created to pit teams drafted by fellow RR members against each other and allow the general RR populous to vote on who would win this winner take all, single elimination game if all players were at their peak performance.

    Each team drafted an 8 man roster. Each team provided a gameplan justification as to why they believe they should get your vote. Each team is allowed 1 post for "in game adjustments." The role of RR community is simple, vote for who you believe should win. Post justification if you want (encouraged) and weigh the pros and cons for all to see, but ultimately, your vote decides who will win this tournament of legends.

    Match-up #6

    Miekenstein's Lineup

    Stephen Curry - current MVP, NBA record for 3 pointers made in a season
    Magic Johnson - 3x MVP, 3x Finals MVP, 9x All-NBA 1st team
    Detlef Schrempf - 2x 6th man of the year, 3x All-Star
    Alonzo Mourning - 2x Defensive Player of the Year, 2x All-Defensive 1st team
    Joakim Noah - 2014 Defensive Player of the Year, 2x All-Defensive 1st team

    Bench - Michael Finley - 2x All-Star
    Bench - Bob McAdoo - '75 MVP, All-NBA 1st team
    Bench - Jeff Hornacek - 2x NBA 3-Point Shootout Champion, NBA All-Star

    Bonus Jonas Lineup

    PG - Mo Cheeks
    SG - Klay Thompson
    SF - Paul Pierce
    PF - Dirk Nowitzki
    C - Hakeem Olajuwan
    Bench - Yao Ming
    Bench - Shane Battier
    Bench - Deron Williams

    Miekenstein's Gameplan

    On offense I don't think there is anyone that can stop magic here. Magic will have the ball in his hands to create, best defender is Maurice and he is too short for magic. So Magic breaking down defense, backing smaller guards down and finding the open man when a double comes. Only Mourning on my team hasn't had a year of 4 assists per game, all my players can shoot, open looks won't be a problem.

    On defense Curry is guarding Cheeks and sagging off to watch a drive and entice him to shoot. Magic is right up on Klay tight forcing the ball on the floor and working those two time steals champ hands to create fast break wide open transition 3s for curry. Pierce is also being played tight trying to funnel him into the two former DPOY big men. Mourning, athleticism, long arms playing Dirk tight, Curry watching for double team chances when the ball hits the floor to steal and fast break, not afraid of Cheeks taking a shot if Dirk passes off. Noahs' intensity and tenacity trying to slow down/box out Dream. When Magic, or one of Mourning/Noah need a rest we start to run a Curry/Shrempf post game to take advantage of Shrempfs height with McAdoo at the high post ready to use his League leading shooting % to keep the floor spaced, Finley making back door cuts and Hornacek smartly doing everything smart.

    Bonus Gameplan


    Let's get this out of the way, there is no one on Miek's team that can guard Hakeem one-on-one (Shrempf, Finley are obvious washes because of size, Mcadoo was also undersized at just 6'9, Noah doesn't have the weight as he's 20 pounds lighter than Hakeem and Zo got lit up by Hakeem in his prime, to the tune of 23&10 against Zo's 12&10), so he's stuck with using Zo to try to slow him and doubling often if he wants to stop the guy with the best post game of all time. The problem with doubling Hakeem is that I've got 3 guys who averaged 40% over extended seasons waiting at the 3 point line in Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce and Klay Thompson waiting to fire and make it rain threes, and a very intelligent point guard in Mo Cheeks who strived at getting into the lane and dishing to his teammates (11th all time in assists), and will strive even more with the ridiculous amount of options he'd have with Hakeem in the paint and the three guys on the perimeter. My offensive strategy has plans 1 and 1a: 1) Feed the post (Hakeem or Yao) and make them pay if they're defending man to man, or kick it out and resort to 1a if they're doubling or 1a) Let the point guards (Mo Cheeks or Deron Williams) attack the interior and dish to the 3 point threats (Pierce, Klay, Dirk or Shane Battier) or dump to the bigs, (doing this since Steph Curry flat out cannot stop Cheeks or Deron from beating him into the paint, and Magic is too slow to keep up with guys that quick). Not to mention the fact that I still have the ability to use a Cheeks/Dirk pick&roll/pick&pop which would be insanely successful because of Curry's obvious defensive ineptitude and Bob Mcadoo's storied defensive ineptitude, combined with the fact that Dirk can score anywhere on the offensive end, and Cheeks is insanely efficient once he gets anywhere inside the 3 point line (shot over 53% from two point range 8/15 seasons, over 50% from two point range 13/15 seasons, and shot 58% from there his best year). Also, since teams like these are normally teams that turn the ball over a ton (since most guys are number one options), I figured I'd go out of my way to show that my team would not only be insanely efficient from the field and the 3, they would be elite at holding onto the ball even when running a high ball movement offense by showing this table:

    I allocated minutes for players, assumed they'd play at a pace of league average, spread out possessions by using what I would like everyone's usage to be, (note: I didn't raise anyone's usage by any more than 3%, so TOV%'s wouldn't go up, and multiple guys drop by substantial amounts so they'll be more efficient), then used everyone turnover percentages to get total turnovers which ended up being under 11, which no team in NBA history has ever averaged.


    Using Steph as the main ball handler offensively would be an absolutely atrocious idea as Mo Cheeks was one of the greatest defensive point guards of all time (fourth most all-defensive first team selections for a point guard), and Steph doesn't do too well against guys who are both quick enough keep up with him and are elite defenders overall (see Steph's career averages of 17&6 against Chris Paul, as opposed to overall career averages of 21&7). I'm assuming Miek will be using Magic+Bob Mcadoo as his main offensive threats, with Steph and Finley at the corners and Zo inside, which I have a great counter for. If I go small with Klay at the two (natural position), Shane Battier at the three (natural position), and Paul Pierce at the four (a position he's played extensively, playing an entire season at the 4 his year in Brooklyn), I can now use Golden State's defensive strategy and switch often, including on picks between Magic&Mcadoo (Miek's best offensive play) and essentially eliminate that play with three defenders that can defend both guys since my guys are all quick enough and big enough to defend them well, and it leaves Hakeem (the second best defensive center of all time behind Russell) to linger in the paint and contest everything at the paint. Johnson will be the only mismatch since he mismatches with everyone, but will have different looks with Klay and Shane both getting cracks at him, but otherwise Steph will be held in check by Cheeks, Finley just needs to be chased around by whoever is on him and chased off the line (same idea for Hornacek and Shcrempf), Hakeem will easily shut down Zo or Joakim, and going small makes Mcadoo not as deadly, especially if I decide to put Pierce on him, who's the perfect guy to put on him.

    In Game Adjustments
    Miekenstien's Adjustments

    So, his entire gameplan is to play into my defense by giving cheeks the ball while whoever guards him only plays for the drive. i have successfully taken every one of his players except dream and cheeks out of the offense.

    meanwhile while he is focusing on mcAdoo from the bench shrempf and curry are just raining threes off of assists from magic.

    i continue with my original gameplan because it is working.

    Bonus Jonas' Adjustments


    Putting Noah on Hakeem is laughable, if Al Jefferson can average 22&10 on Noah on his career, Hakeem will eat him up.

    Doubling with Steph means you're leaving Mo open, which as I mentioned already is not a good idea seeing as he
    Axel wrote: View Post
    is insanely efficient once he gets anywhere inside the 3 point line (shot over 53% from two point range 8/15 seasons, over 50% from two point range 13/15 seasons, and shot 58% from there his best year)
    Putting Alonzo on Dirk means I'm pulling your best shot blocker out of the paint, and all the way to the three point line, and Noah can't really leave Hakeem so when (not if) Mo Cheeks blows by Steph, you've got an insanely efficient shooter in the paint with a clear path to the basket and he just happens to also be an elite passer with multiple options in case you rotate.

    Only used 3 sentences, how's that for TL;DR?

    RIP Weakenstein (sorry Weakenstein, showboating is my tactic)