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Legacy league - Match #12 - VOTE to see who advances to Semi-Finals!!! (Axel ...

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    I like both teams.. this is really a toss up for me, but going to go with Axel as that is what I was leaning towards yesterday anyway.


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      I think I would have started Manu on Reggie. I think Manu could have used a little more love in the game planning.

      I'm surprised that the voting isn't closer. I think it's not as clear cut as the voting would show.


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        I really like Axel's team with two great play-maker and scorers in Oscar and Sabonis, and surrounded them with good shooters. I think it would work really well. Unfortunately the shooters aren't known for their defense.


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          What a great matchup.

          I think Team Axel is more talented. I think it can at least be argued that he has an equal or better talent at every position, if we count players on the bench. IMO, Oscar is much better than Stockton, I think Stockton is a bit overrated because of longevity, while I think Oscar is great, great shooter, great at directing the team, great penetrating, great passing in tight spaces, very good defense, no weak spots. Manu is better than Reggie, I'd guess Gervin too (but I just haven't seen Gervin enough to have a strong opinion about him). Peja at his peak was a legit MVP candidate, he's better than Kawhi. McHale vs. Malone is debatable, individual achievement wise Malone is better and he's usually ranked higher, but McHale was fantastic, and it's debatable. Sabonis and Dwight, who really knows, but I think it's arguable, I think prime Sabonis is probably better than Yao, who was comparable to Dwight and a tough matchup for Dwight.

          Great gameplans from both, especially defensively. I like Team Axel's focus on Stockton defensively, I agree, Team e_wheazy relies on Stockton too much. My worry would be, how much can Oscar hinder Stockton alone? Oscar was a very good defender IMO, but you need good help defense to really bother good point guards, and I just don't see much of it from Glen Rice, Stojakovic, Amar'e and Sabonis. That will be an even bigger problem against Rose IMO.

          I also love Kawhi on Oscar. Not that I think Kawhi can stop Oscar or prevent passing, Oscar is too great, but it's a good defender to put on him. If it was Stockton on Oscar, I think Oscar would have a big mismatch, I think he'd be able to get past Stockton or shoot over him. In general, great defensive write up by e_wheazy.

          Mismatches. Both teams have them. Team Axel's wings will still be very hard to defend for Team e_wheazy with Stockton and Reggie, and I think Sabonis could be a problem for Dwight in the post.

          But I think Team e_wheazy has bigger mismatches here. No one in Team Axel's starting lineup is good enough to keep up with Reggie, Amar'e plays little defense and it will a problem against Malone. Sabonis is a solid man defender and protects the rim, but I don't consider him an elite defender, so I think Team Axel's inside defense with Amar'e / Sabonis is pretty weak and will have issues with Dwight, Malone and Leonard exploding to the rim and especially in transition. I think transition defense is a problem.

          Overall I think Amar'e starting next to Sabonis makes some sense, an explosive pick and roll big as opposed to McHale whose bread and butter is the same as Sabonis's (post ups). But I think McHale is better, and with him and Sabonis being able to shoot, it was a fine fit. McHale would give way more defense than Amar'e. I think McHale would also be a bigger problem for Malone offensively, Malone had power and mobility to match up with Amar'e ok, what he didn't have was length, Malone had T-Rex arms, I think a long and super skilled player like McHale would be a problem for Malone in the paint.

          Anyway, a great matchup, so many mismatches and great gameplans. I'm picking Team e_wheazy, I think they have less talent, but I think mismatches make up for it, and I think their gameplan defensively should work better, because they have the defensive personnel for it.
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            This took me ages to go over, but I finally have a winner in my head: Wheezy.

            Congrats Mister 16.
            Axel wrote:
            Now Cody can stop posting about this guy and we have a poster to blame if anything goes wrong!!
            KeonClark wrote:
            We won't hear back from him. He dissapears into thin air and reappears when you least expect it. Ten is an enigma. Ten is a legend. Ten for the motherfucking win.
            KeonClark wrote:
            I can't wait until the playoffs start.

            Until then, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they most often stink


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              This one came down to stopping power for me and e_wheazy has the defenders to get some stops. I don't think either team can really stop the other because these are two fire-power heavy teams, I just think wheaz is going to be able to get that one or two extra he needs.


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                Legacy league - Match #12 - VOTE to see who advances to Semi-Finals!!! (Axel ...

                Good match. Bans for those who voted incorrectly will be issued shortly.

                Love Bobloblaw's assessments the best so far (even though he voted against me). Very detailed, very well thought out.

                Some shoulda coulda woulda's left on the table (finding space to talk about the bench's role is tough, and my bench is good), both overall no complaints.
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                  congratulations wheazy