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Time Out, Time Out, TIME OUT JAY!!!

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  • Time Out, Time Out, TIME OUT JAY!!!

    Are the Raptors only allowed half the time out's then the other team.
    It just seems like Triano has no idea when to utilize his time out's.
    We could have a 10 point lead coming into the second quarter of whatever game and watch it turn to a 2 point lead after the first couple minutes. Which would be a great time for a time out to re-group. Instead Jay will let them play until the other teams momentum carries them to a 10 point lead then maybe he calls time but by then the wheels have come completely off.
    Once we get to this point we could rely on our "D" to get us back in the game if only we knew how to play "D".
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    seriously, i thought i was the only one who was aware of this. its good to know that i wasnt. Everybody's saying the Raps got the right players, a deep bench, good shooters. But nobody seems to be mentioning anything about the coach. Which just shows Jay hasnt really made an impact.

    I think the first change BC has to make is replacing Jay. He cannot motivate the players, they probably respect him but dont fear him enough to perform above and beyond their skillset, he doesnt use timeouts wisely and he cant shuffle players properly.

    Last night, the Bulls were up 12 i think and the raps go on a mini-run to cut it down to 5. Vinny calls a timeout and sets rose on a pick and roll with Noah. 7 pt lead goes back up to 10 in a span of 4 possessions. Raps cut the lead to 4, Bulls rally to a 10pt lead, then 14, then 20. Jay doesnt call a single timeout.

    also, Jack was rockin the 2nd qtr quarterbacking the 2nd unit cutting the lead to 4. Jay puts in Jose with Jack and gets the ball off Jacks hands. Jose shoots and misses, and commits a TO that swings the momentum.

    If it aint broken, dont try to fix it.
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      Jay Triano is a failure, a mistake and worst of all a miopic-spineless-fucktard.