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    Is that Zainab? lol
    The name's Bond, James Bond.


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      Nice pic. She looks cute ... and very happy. He looks smitten.

      (But is the watermelon worth a mention ...)
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        Time to grow up Bebe.


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          SkywalkerAC wrote: View Post
          Time to grow up Bebe.
          I'd rather have him grow wider but, oh well.

          Congrats Bebe! Sorry Zainab.
          OG is our king


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            Lol, I messaged him and congratulated him :-) I never said I wanted to marry him. Lol, he IS nice tho.

            But, he did tell me it is practically impossible to commit cuz like you have beautiful girls just throwing themselves at you 24/7. And, I actually met his (ex)-girlfriend. The girl I was introduced to was not her. The girl I was introduced to created a scene in front of me blaming him for all sorts of things including a Facebook status that read, "I don't give a f*ck about you no more" LOL. He really loved her he claimed, despite cheating on her. He told me they were trying to have a baby together. I laughed cuz I told him he is SO young and he was not amused. Anyways, good for him....everyone needs to settle down sooner or later

            I HAD to come on RR today when I saw that post cuz I felt I would be remembered.

            Can't wait till the season starts. See you then, folks! <3
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