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Never, Ever in My Wildest Dreams

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  • Never, Ever in My Wildest Dreams

    ...did I imagine I'd ever utter these words but...

    Let's Go Celtics!

    KG...have a great game!

    Pierce...have a great game!

    Ray Ray...have a great game!

    Rondo do your thing!

    Ugh that was painful.

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    Bro, I heard Pierce and KG may sit out the next game.


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      Raffy15 wrote: View Post
      Bro, I heard Pierce and KG may sit out the next game.
      Where did you hear that?

      According to this he plans to play tomorrow:


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        Good win tonight but they need a whole lot of help.


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          And Larry Brown isn't resting his starters either. So we might still have a chance fellas.

          "The Chicago game is going to be different if that game means something to Chicago and Toronto. I think for the integrity of the league, we've got to have all our players available,'' Brown said. "Tonight, I know New Jersey is not going to be in the playoffs, so I don't feel as bad not playing everybody.''

          Larry Brown seems adamant about playing for win the last game of the season vs the bulls. i also saw a clip of his postgame interview with reporters tonight and i heard him reiterate the same thing, that he plans on having the bobcats play hard and with their starters for that last game.
          Source - Click here


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            You've got to respect Larry Brown. How rare is it for a guy to play his starters and take the game seriously when they no standings to play for and when most teams sit their main players to avoid risking injury. The fact that he said since the game matters to two teams striving for the playoffs so he's not gonna just giftwrap a win for Chicago, is amazing. Kudos to Larry Brown.