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Game #1: Indiana Pacers 99 - Toronto Raptors 106

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  • A.I wrote: View Post
    Doesn't everybody?
    No, some still defend Casey as he's been one of the "best" we've ever had. I though special1 was on that side, but I guess not.

    special1 wrote: View Post
    I acknowledged that we're playing his style of basketball. Right or wrong.

    Unlike some others, I respect what Casey has done for the organization. I give him credit for building something here. If we have an obvious upgrade in the future, I'm fine with a coaching change.

    No I don't want him gone for the sake. After all, he has the most wins as a coach for this franchise. That's not saying much, but it's true.

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    That's pretty reasonable. I'm lower on Casey than you are - he should, at the very least be gone by the end of the year - but I can see where you're coming from.