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    Scraptor wrote: View Post
    So many knuckleheads on the same team though. I think the Spurs/Warriors can both dismantle them.
    Could be - though the Clippers managed to knock off the Spurs last year in a great seven game series, and I think LA just got better. Mostly I find it hilarious every time Austin Rivers get's subbed in by his dad.
    "We're playing in a building." -- Kawhi Leonard


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      Wow there's so many to do.. here's my attempt...

      MVP: Anthony Davis
      MIP: Otto Porter Jr
      6th man: Cory Joseph
      DPOTY: Anthony Davis
      COY: Jason Kidd
      Executive: John Hammond
      ROTY: Frank Kaminsky

      1. Cleveland
      2. Miami
      3. Chicago
      4. Milwaukee
      5. Atlanta
      6. Washington
      7. Toronto
      8. Boston

      1. Golden State
      2. Oklahoma
      3. San Antonio
      4. New Orleans
      5. Houston
      6. Los Angeles Clippers
      7. Memphis
      8. Utah

      Cleveland vs Boston = Cavs in 4
      Miami vs Toronto = Heat in 5
      Chicago vs Washington = Bulls in 7
      Milwaukee vs Atlanta = Hawks in 6

      Golden State vs Utah = Warriors in 4
      Oklahoma vs Memphis = Grizzlies in 6
      San Antonio vs Clippers = Spurs in 7
      New Orleans vs Houston = Pelicans in 7
      Cleveland vs ATL = Cavs in 5
      Miami vs Chicago = Miami in 6

      Warriors vs Pelicans = GS in 6
      Memphis vs San Antone = SAS in 6
      CLE vs MIA = CLE in 7
      GS vs SAS = SAS in 7
      Cleveland Cavaliers vs San Antonio Spurs

      Spurs in 6

      Finals MVP - Tony Parker
      your pal,


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        ebrian wrote: View Post
        Wow there's so many to do.. here's my attempt...

        ROTY: Frank Kaminsky
        5th big in the rotation?! That's what I get for not reading NBA news for 2 months and then making a bunch of silly predictions..
        your pal,